Posted by: Genny Colby | August 26, 2010

The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

by Michael Scott

They are in the Young Adult (YA) genre.  I will do a post later why I tend to read so much YA, but back to the books.  It will be a total of 6 books, all focusing on the journey of two young adults, twins Sophie and Josh.

Before the humani (humans) populated the earth, the Elders inhabited the Earth.  The Elders were magical and could harness the power of the elements.  And is the case with most beings of power, a division occurred between them and a huge conflict ensued.  As humani evolved, the Elders either retreated to their created Shadowrealms,  or quietly interrogated into society.  Many ancient “gods” were actually the Elders.

Nicholas Flamel and his wife Perry have lived for hundreds of years, searching for the foretold twins who will save the world from the return of the Dark Elders.  They do indeed have the Codex a book where the magics of the Elders was written down, which has provided Nicholas with the recipe for immortality and must be brewed each month and varies slightly each time.  Magic is not constant…so why would a magical potion be?  Through out their long lives, they have had to fight, run from, or remain hidden from those who seek the Codex for what they believe to be nefarious reasons.  I say that because at this point in the story, it is hard to know who to trust, who has been telling the most truths, and what each sides true motivations may be.

Now the time of the prophecy is coming and it is believed that Sophie and Josh are the twins of which it speaks.  Nicholas and Perry are attempting to awaken the magical senses in Sophie and Josh and find teachers for them on how to use the elemental magics.  Along the way there are those that wish to either stop them, or use them for their own purposes.  What choices Sophie and Josh make could decide the fate of the world.  Do the Dark Elders return to our world and take over?  Can the Dark Elders be stopped and if so, at what cost?

Mr Scott has done an amazingly amount of research into each of the characters he introduces.  Aside from the twins Sophie and Josh, all the other primary and many of the secondary characters introduced have been from history or mythology.  Which then gives the readers an introduction and often a desire to seek out more information about what history or mythologies say about these characters.  Often times it can provide a clue to some question that has come up in the books and in general is just really fun to go and learn something new!

I started this book at the recommendation of friends, whom I met online.  My best friend finally had convinced me to read “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer and then join a discussion forum.  From there, I met a number of really funny, unique, and wonderful people.  One of these wonderful people  had found this series by Michael Scott.  She read the books currently in print (I think it was one or two at the time) and contacted the author about setting up a fan forum where fans from around the world could discuss his books.   Amazingly, he agreed AND he participates in the forum.  How cool is that, to have an author who not only wants readers to enjoy his books, but also is willing to read what they have to say about them and answer some questions and  occasionally give out hints??

And as an added bonus to me….after getting through the early stages of mommyhood, I have joined the moderators team.  The team works really hard to keep the forum to a PG rating.  We have members from all around the world, from ages as young as I think 8 up to..well we adults don’t always like to share our ages do we?  Members are encouraged to share their thoughts, feelings, impressions and ideas about the books.  It is like one big book club online! You can find the link to the forum on the right side of the blog.

It is fun for me to have some sort of “responsibility” to be on the forum, reading posts, making sure that members are being respectful and engaging in meaningful discussions.  It is also been a nice way for me to meet others who love to read like I do, get ideas about other books to read (my to read list is amazingly long!) and I have made some friends that I can always count on to show me the quirky side of life.

So, pick up the books, get reading and come join us on the forum!



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