Posted by: Genny Colby | August 30, 2010


For as long as I can remember I knew that I wanted to have a family.  When we welcomed our daughter into the world, it was one of the most amazing days of our lives.  Lack of sleep was not even a thought as we spent those first days just staring at her, amazed how much she added to our lives.

For a long time, my husband (S) and I talked about what kind of parents we wanted to be.  What kind of discipline would we use?  How would we handle different situations.  And could we afford for me to be a stay at home parent?  Luckily, S and I are were on the same page for just about everything, or at least on the big issues.  The day to day stuff we figured we would handle as we go along.

So, now what kind of parent to be?  Really, I wanted to be a parent like my mom.  She was always there for me, let me make choices, make mistakes, and was there for me when I needed her.  She taught me to think for myself, to be confident, and to be ready to tackle what ever dream that I had.

But things have changed since we grew up.  The world is a different place.  Or at least the media would like us to think that the world is a much more dangerous place.  So how do we raise a child to be strong, independent, confident and happy when all the media tells us we should hold on tight to her and never let us out of our sight?   So that is what I will be talking about in coming posts…how do we balance the perceived dangers of the world with the kind of daughter we want to raise?  And how do we explain our choices to those that would never consider letting their near 2yr old daughter to learn to entertain herself, and GASP, even play in our fenced in backyard for a few minutes while we run inside for a minute.  And the day will come when we do let her ride her bike just outside of our line of sight.


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