Posted by: Genny Colby | January 4, 2011

A New Year

Here we are at the start of a new year.  The time of year when we think about what we did not accomplish in the previous year and resolve to “do better” in the coming one.  I could start with the typical “I want to lose weight”  or “I want to get in shape” or even “I want to eat better” or “I want to save more” , but all of these are vague and undefined.  I do want to lose weight, I do want to be in better shape, I could always do more to eat better and who shouldn’t work to save more money.  But how do I actually set a goal that will allow me to accomplish these yet also not be something easily set aside for “tomorrow”?  Resolutions are too easy to forget about, put off for another day, or to say “I will try again tomorrow”.  So this year, I am setting goals.  Actual goals, not vague statements.  Here they are:

1-I will plan meals a month in advance so that I can shop effectively and smartly.  I will involve my daughter in more of the cooking process so that it encourages me to not take the easy way out.  I will not buy lots of extra snacks, but save those for special times.  This will save me from giving into the temptations of the “ito” family (Doritos, Cheetos, etc).

2-I would like to participate in a Fun Run this summer/fall.  Most likely either at the AIDS or JDRF fundraisers.  Both are causes we support and have participated in the past.  This year I want to do the run.  I don’t have to be fast, I just have to finish and run the whole way.  This gives me a goal and a reason to get on the treadmill 4 times a week.

3-We will save money for a family vacation, rebuild our savings account, and continue to invest in our daughter’s future.  This will provide me the focus to create and stick to a family budget.  Making these three things a priority will help me stop and ask if I really need that impulse purchase.

4-I will NOT go to Target or Walmart for one or two items.  I will make a list and save those items for one big trip.  Boy will this save us money!

5-I will take more pictures and video of my daughter daily.  I have slacked on this lately and she is growing so fast!  I will also take the time to really appreciate the 100th cup of tea she offers me every day.

6-I will plan more activities to do with my daughter, have a more focused approach to our day, still allowing for plenty of opportunities just to play.

7- I know with a toddler a level of chaos is natural, and even expected, and mine is no exception!  She seems to abhor order and thrive on chaos.  I love order, I love everything having a place of its own.  I will celebrate with her the chaos of life, but also work to organize/de-clutter/simplify the rest of our lives.  I will focus on one area of the house a month, but not let the need for order consume me.

So that is it…my goals for 2011.  I will take any encouragement/support/etc you may have to offer.  I truly want to look back on 2011 and know that I did my best to accomplish my goals.  I may not hit them all every day, but if the overall trend of the year is positive, then I will feel successful.

Happy New Year!

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