Posted by: Genny Colby | January 15, 2011

Book Review-Sandra Boynton

My first crack at reviewing books for our reading challenge.   Because my little monkey tends to get into phases about books, this time I am doing more of an author review, with the highlights of our favorite books.

Boy do we love the books by Sandra Boynton!  Her books are full of wonderful rhymes, rhythm, and fun illustrations.   As one can imagine with a 2-year-old, we read the same books over and over and over.  While this does get a bit tiring at times for mommy and daddy, we know she is learning so much during these times.

When we read the same books over and over, she is learning the story, which we hear her tell to her snuggle friends when she choses to climb into her chair to read by herself.  She loves to read to her snuggle friends and we love to quietly listen to her.  She is also learning that the words on the page tell the story and as time goes on, she will begin to recognize the words themselves.

One thing I love about Sandra Boynton’s books is the simple illustrations.  They are detailed enough to tell the story, but not so much that a young reader/listener gets distracted.  These books allow her to pick up details in the story, or even to just tell re-tell the story. And using the pictures is a great first step in reading and also a critical first step in developing observational skills.  I love that the illustrations are also a little whimsical.

I had one of those perfect, “wish I had the video camera” moments this week.  Often at nap time, when I put her down, she is not 100% ready to just go to sleep, so she will have a book or two with her that she can read to her friends.  This week when I went to get her up, she was not quite ready to get out of bed yet.  So, I sat in the chair and we just talked, as she pointed out the things on her walls “Pooh bear”, “Roo”, “Blue Butterfly”.  Then she reached down and picked up Blue Hat, Green Hat .  She then started to read the book to me, not exactly word for word, but she had the story down, loving the “oops” part where the turkey is wearing the clothes wrong.  She was using the pictures to re-tell me the story.

This week we have especially loved reading many books by Ms. Boynton, and I am sure we will continue to do so.  Here are our faves this week and some of the things we love about each book:

“beebo” is our new word!  And someone loves to chime in and read this word on each page.  This silly book about Hippos and their love of their belly buttons gets giggles every time!

This is just a great book for snuggling.  A little song about how much we love our little ones.

First you can download this book as a song, sung by Davey Jones (of “The Monkees”) and then it is just fun to see this little penguin and hippo friendship.  It has a great rhythm too.

This silly book about a turkey (I think) who puts on his clothes in all the wrong spots (shoes on his hands) and when he finally gets it right, he jumps in the pool.  A great book for color recognition as well.

My little one likes all the different sounds the puppies make and it is a fun counting book.  We love #9 since the dogs are howling at the moon.

A wonderful story to slow down the day about going to bed.  Transitions well to turning out the lights and getting settled into bed just like all the animals.


  1. OMG! We loved Boynton SO MUCH. It’s a pity her board books aren’t available in paperback as well, or I’d still have the whole collection.

    Of course, if you check Amazon, a lot of people are personally offended that the critters in The Going to Bed Book dare to exercise after putting on their PJs.

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