Posted by: Genny Colby | September 18, 2011

Was it Worth the Wait?

Most of you who know me know that I am a HUGE Buff the Vampire Slayer fan, and a huge fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar (SMG). So it was with great anticipation that I set my DVR for SMG’s return to TV with a new show called Ringer.  Now I will note that my DVR crapped out on me on Tuesday night…but thankfully there was a repeat airing on Friday and this time, all was right in the world of recording.  Now was time to see if the wait for SMG’s return to TV was worth it.

Bridget is a recovering addict, a dancer/stripper in Las Vegas has witnessed a brutal murder.  As part of  a plea deal, minor charges against her will be dropped for her testimony against the mob boss involved.  Siobhan is her twin sister, living the life in New York complete with successful husband, teenage step daughter, a best friend, and a lover on the side (who just happens to be her best friend’s husband).  The sisters have not spoken for many years.  Bridget escapes her FBI protection and meets her sister.  After her sister disappears while on a boating outing, Bridget decides to take over her life as a way to hide/escape the mess her life has become, only to find that her “perfect” sister’s life is not any less complex or dangerous.  Of course, her sister is not dead…just found an easy way to disappear out of her own life.

I think Ringer, at its heart, will be stories about people, their hopes and dreams, the risks they do and don’t take, and their relationships with those around them.  But first we have to meet all the players.  So this first episode was jammed packed with different characters, different scenarios, and laying the ground work for the many different secrets each character is hiding.  The story telling needs to slow down, we as viewers need to get to know each of these characters and slowly learn their secrets.

I sense with solid writing, a focus on the characters and story telling, and answering questions while deepening the mysteries of each character’s life, this show could be a hit.  But I also see were they could easily misstep.  Too many mysteries and not enough answers will lead to a fan base becoming frustrated and confused (like with LOST).  If every episode is as jammed packed as this first one, viewers heads are going to be swimming and will need a score card just to keep track of everyone.  And they will need to find the right balance of telling each characters story and how they intertwine/connect/overlap.

But there is great potential here.  I love SMG in the dual role, though I did keep waiting for her to just pick up the nearest object and smack someone over the head with it!  She plays these two woman very well and I don’t see Buffy every time she is on-screen, which given her dual roles, is a lot.  The supporting cast is intriguing as well.  The dialog could be a bit snappier, but that will hopefully come as everyone finds their rhythm.

Overall, I have to say this was worth the wait for SMG return to television.  Ringer has an interesting premise, a strong cast, and enough mysteries to keep the show interesting.    I am looking forward to the next episode, and another time in my life where my family and friends know not to call me on Tuesday nights at 7pm.

Ioan Gruffudd as Andrew Martin, from left, Sarah Michelle Gellar as Siobhan Martin/Bridget Kelly, Kris Polaha as Henry, Tara Summers as Gemma, Nestor Carbonell as Victor Machado and Mike Colter as Malcolm Ward on Ringer on The CW.  Photo: Art Streiber CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.


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