Posted by: Genny Colby | October 9, 2011

WebMage Series by Kelly McCullough

A few years ago my sister-in-law sent an early birthday gift for my hubby, which turned out to be book – always a good gift choice in our family!  She also sent a little note about the gift, informing us that she was sending this book because it was written by her college roommate’s husband, and it was just published, so she was showing her support and not only reading it herself, but also sending it to friends and family.  Well, it was a book, so that meant we were going to read it.  Since it was the hubby’s birthday present, he got to read it first, but I was close behind.  And we both LOVED this book!  So much that we started to watch Barnes and Noble to find out when the next book would be out and ultimately we picked up the next one before my sister-in-law had time to send it our way.  In total the series came to consist of 5 books, and we have picked them all up as close to release day as possible.

I am going to attempt to describe these books to you, but I also suggest you take a look at the books on Goodreads for more details on each of the individual books and their specific storylines.  If you like technology, if you like mythology, if you like adventure, and you enjoy some good family drama, then these books are right up your alley!  Ravirn is a child of one of the Greek mythological Fates (actually a multiple great-grandson), as well as a computer hacker.  The Fates have kept up with technology and magic has now gone digital.  So you would think that Ravirn would be headed for great power and success.  Alas, Ravirn is a bit of a free-thinker, believes in free will, and he is not just going to quietly do what fate has predetermined for him, or sit quietly and not ask any questions.  And there starts a journey that will take Ravirn deeper and further into his mythology, technology, and the delicate balance among the Fates, as well as others with mystical power.  His journey allows him to explore his own destiny and become a power of his own to challenge the fate his family had destined for him.  What journey would be complete without a comedic sidekick and Ravirn has his own familar, Melchoir, a shape-shifting laptop-goblin.

I will admit, I have a basic understanding of technology, maybe a little more than the average person, living with an IT hubby, but I am by no means fluent or even understand it all.  But you need not comprehend all the technical jargon in order and follow enjoy the story.  And maybe you will find yourself passing the technology to look deeper into the mythological parts of the story, as I did.  But no matter what is your strong suit, the story is engaging, the writing is witty, and the characters are interesting.  Not your cookie cutter characters that you would find in any number of books.  They each have such interesting and diverse personalities.  I found myself laughing out loud a many different points.  The dialog was just fun.  This is a fast paced story, there is very little down time, so be prepared to just dive in and take the ride!

I would also recommend following Mr. McCullough on Twitter, he has a wonderfully unique and off-beat sense of humor.  And his “DragonDiaries” have made me laugh out loud on any number of occasions.

We are very thankful to our wonderful sister-in-law for introducing us to Mr. McCullough’s books.  We have greatly enjoyed them and we are excited for his new series, set to debut later this year.  I would highly recommend that if you have not already, check your local bookstore or library and lose yourself in a funny, quirky, fast-paced, and engaging series.


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