Posted by: Genny Colby | October 16, 2011

What’s in a Name?

As parents, we spend hours, days, weeks, even months, trying to find the right name for you little one.  Hopefully you have at least one (two if you don’t know the gender ahead of time) by the time the baby comes.  You can only go so long referring to your child as “little one” and at some point, the state is going to say “Hey, idiot, give your child a name already!”.  And while it was a bit of a struggle at times to find one name that both my hubby and I could agree on, we managed to do so with plenty of time to spare.

One would think that naming my blog would have been so much easier!  But no, I struggled.   I hemmed.  I hawed. And really, I should not have been surprised since I always had a struggle naming my World of Warcraft characters!  So I just picked something to give it a name, so I had some place to start.  I figured I would go back to the whole name thing at a later date.   Yet I haven’t, mostly because I have not had any better ideas.  I read so many other blogs and some of them have great names and I think “Why can’t I have something catchy like that?”

So, now I am asking those of you who do read my random ramblings…what do you think of the current name?  Do you think it correctly describes what I am writing about?  Does it describe me?  Should I just keep it?  Or should I look to change it?  And if so, what would be a good name for this blog/collection of random thoughts?  Who knows, maybe one of you will have more luck with creative name game.   I promise to give you credit (and maybe a little surprise) if I use your suggestion!


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