Posted by: Genny Colby | January 3, 2012


Ah, a new year.  A new set of “resolutions” waiting to be written with good intentions, then forgotten by the end of January.  Resolutions are not bad in themselves, we strive to improve our lives and/or ourselves.  Of course we have grand ideas of what we want to accomplish, but then reality sets in and real life takes over.  So this year, instead of resolutions, I am going to set goals, some of which I know I may not accomplish and that will be okay, but if I don’t set the bar high enough, I won’t be motivated to achieve it.  And I am focusing on things that I really want to change, or things I really do want to do.  I am going to try to be specific, so that I can then find the best course of action to achieve each goal.  I also acknowledge to myself that once this new little one arrives in July, some adjustments may have to be made to our daily lives and our expectations.

So, for all to see (and comment!) here is what I am shooting for in 2012:


-stick to our monthly budget and reducing the amount of meals we eat out.  This will free up that extra money to add to our family savings/investments, college savings for 2 kids, and a family vacation fund.

-stick to my cleaning schedule during the week so that I can sit back and enjoy the weekends.  Along with this one comes the fact that I need to ask hubby to help out with specific tasks that I find challenging or just plain hate to do (and thus put off and put off).  AND I have to let him do these tasks as he sees fit, without critique and judgment.

-sort through closets/garage monthly to make piles for either donating, or the trash.  Then take those piles to the appropriate place!

-prioritize and set deadlines for household projects.  Start a savings fund for those goals that will require a large purchase price and budget accordingly.  Accept that not all these projects will be accomplished in 2012 and be okay with that fact.

Family Traditions/Memories

-complete the scrapbook for my little girl’s first year of life.  Stay up to date on her baby book with data and with pictures

-schedule and stick to a family game night and a family movie night.

-start a chapter book with my little girl as part of her bedtime story time each night.

-plan, save, and go on a family vacation each year.  It does not have to be big and fancy like Disney, but some get away each year just for us.

Arts/Crafts/Personal Expression

-complete and frame cross stitch birth announcements for BOTH kids (yep, monkey’s is going to be 3+ years late…but I WILL get it done!)

-plan and work on holiday gifts for family and friends so I am ready for the holiday season of 2012

-plan and post on this blog at least once a week, but trying for twice a week.

-post to our family blog at least once  week, but try for twice a week

-send a personal, handwritten note or letter to a friend at least once a month


-get back into using the treadmill three times per week.  I used to go for mornings, but with this pregnancy, getting up at 5:30 am to get that done is just not happening.  I think I need to ask the hubby to help kick my butt at night to get on the treadmill while we watch a movie, or I read a book on the Nook.

-continue to try one new recipe a week.  I did pretty well with this last year, so I am going to stick with it.  Some of our new meals were a big hit…others need some tweaking!

-plant a veggie garden this spring


-get back into the routine of calendar every day

-spend 45-60 minutes 3-4 days per week doing focused projects (art, math, science, language arts/reading)-deadline for this is January 15 2012

-create a daily schedule for the monkey.-deadline for this is January 15 2012

-start a chore chart for the monkey.  With the hubby, work up some sort of reward system.-deadline for this is February 1 2012


-make sure to find time each week for me to take an hour or so for myself.

-make sure to find time each week for hubby to take an hour or so for himself.

-make time each week for hubby and I to do something fun just for us without the distraction of computers, iPads, iPhones, etc.

-get up each morning with hubby, allowing time for me to shower and get ready for the day before the monkey gets up and to spend that hour with just the hubby.

-ask for help when needed, then allow someone to actually help me

-reduce the amount of time I spend just playing on the computer/surfing the net.

Wow, guess that seems like kind of a lot…but hey, if you don’t aim high, you won’t achieve anything.  And honestly, there is not one thing on the above list I don’t think I can accomplish.    I will let you know though how it is all coming along.

What are you goals for 2012?



  1. I’d forgotten to comment on your goal list. I love it! Especially the create portion. Very list-worthy and yet doable. I should think about adding handwritten notes to mine. Or at least phonecalls. Most of the time all anyone gets from me is an email or a FB note. It’s just so easy… :p

    I realized I’ve already let a few early-January goals of mine slip. Whoops! Back on the wagon I go! 😉

  2. I have missed a few of my deadlines too…but I am working on them, so as long as I don’t forget to complete them, I should be good 🙂

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