Posted by: Genny Colby | February 23, 2012

2012 Goals…update

Well, we are almost 2 months into 2012 and I thought it may be time for a slight update on my goals.  I obviously have NOT been able to meet my goal (yet) of blogging 2 times per week on either blog.  It is really not for lack of ideas..especially for this blog, but really lack of time.  I need to keep working on my daily routine to make sure I make the time.  And I am working on that, really!

But instead of all the things I have yet to achieve, I thought I would share what I HAVE been able to achieve so far this year.  I am working on the cross stitch birth announcement for baby #2 (I had originally started it for baby #1 who is now 3…) but since the pattern is Whinnie the Pooh, I will use it for baby #2 and design, per request, a Rapunzel one for my first-born daughter.  I am about 1/2 way done, so if I keep the momentum, it should be no problem to finish before he arrives this summer.

I have sent out personal, hand written notes for both January and February.  These do not include thank you notes or birthday cards, but are in fact, just a little note to say “Hi, I am thinking of you”.

As for our school time, here is where we have made great strides.  We are completing our calendar at least 3 times per week and we are spending time on learning games and projects.  While it may not all occur in one chunk, we are hitting the goal of 45-60 minutes of school time 3-4 times each week.  I am also working to compile a list of resources and ideas to begin creating our curriculum for next year, as well as start prepping our “4-year-old Kindergarten” program for the following year.

We have yet to complete her “Responsibility Chart”, mostly because the hubby and I are still talking about how we want it to look, what we want to include and what kind of reinforcement we want to provide for her when she completes these items, so it is a work in progress.

We have completed our daily schedule chart and it is working really well!  She knows she can check and find out what we are doing each day, or what is coming up next in our day.  It also helps me plan what I need to get done each day and make sure I build in time each day to get what I need to do get done around the house and also build in the time for us to have just one on one time together.  I have to thank the hubby for putting this together, it looks AWESOME (in my opinion).

I still have goals to achieve, I still have goals I am working on, but this is a long-term project.  But I feel pretty good about my start so far in 2012!

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