Posted by: Genny Colby | March 5, 2012

And yet again WI….

You know, I used to be really proud to be from Wisconsin.  Now…maybe not so much.  I want to spend some time discussing Governor Scott Walker and how he has taken a great state and turned it upside down, inside out, and out of whack, but I also want to give that post some attention, so it is still “in progress”.  Then I saw this article today and I just had to say something.

Wisconsin GOP Leader Proposes Legislation to Blame Single Parents for Child Abuse and Neglect  or you can read this one Unbelievably Stupid Law Would Declare Single Parenthood Abuse

First off, I need to disclose I was raised by a single parent.  This was not by design, but by circumstance.  My father died, leaving my mother alone to raise three kids.  What else was she supposed to?  Was she perfect?  Of course not, but what parent is!  We had a house to live in, a nice neighborhood full of friends and support, food on the table, clean clothes to wear, and we all got a wonderful education.  Did we have a lot of fancy clothes or go on big family vacations?  No, but we had fun going to the zoo, the beach, watching movies, and of course, reading books together.  All in all, we had what I would guess is a pretty typical childhood, just with one parent.

Is it easier to raise kids in a 2 parent household?  Sure it is.  There is someone to help with the day-to-day, someone else to make sure the permission slips got signed, that each kid has at least one parent at those important school events like band and choir concerts, sporting events, etc.

Are single parents under greater stress?  I would guess yes, in most cases.  But to say that it is child abuse?  Really?  So what is a parent who finds him/herself raising kids alone to do, drop them off at the nearest Social Services office saying “Well, since I have to be a single parent, I better just give them to you?”  Yeah, I think that is going to go over really well with an already over worked, under paid, troubled system.

So again, we waste tax payers dollars debating a bill that is fundamentally stupid.  By calling single parenting a form of child abuse, what does he hope to accomplish?  Will this help those parents who find themselves in the situation where they are raising their kids alone?  Of course not.  And if the goal is to actually help the children, would it not be a better use of Wisconsin’s time and money to develop programs to reach out to these single parents and offer programs that can assist them?  Parenting classes, drop off care, support groups, etc would be a much better use of everyone’s time and energy.

I thought the state motto of WI was “Forward”?  What is our country coming to?

To my friends and family in WI…keep fighting this stupidity. One of these days the rest of the state is going to have to wake up and smell reality, right?


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