Posted by: Genny Colby | April 28, 2012

Book vs e-Book

I am an avid reader.  I blame my parents!  Being raised by two literature majors, books were such part of our house.   And we were read to for as long as I can remember.   Every room had books and more books.   I think we had more books than anything else in our house.  I loved it…I could never say to my mom “I don’t have anything to read”  because she always had an answer.  Now, not all the books were ones I really wanted to read.  The old text books.  My dad’s books on chess.  But we still had them.  I know when my mom finally sold the house, after living there for 20 years one the biggest choices where which books to keep and which books to sell/give away.  It was not an easy choice.

I love holding a book in my hand.  I love the smell of a new book, I love turning pages, seeing how close I am to the end.  And I can spend hours just wandering around Barnes and Noble looking for good books.  So it was with some trepidation that I finally ventured into the e-book world when we purchased our iPad.  I was just not sure I was going to like NOT having a real book.  But you know what? I found that I don’t mind, in fact, even LIKE reading an e-book. Enough so that I even asked for (and received) the Nook Color for my birthday last year.

While it is not quite as nice as curling up on the couch, under a blanket in the winter, with a good book, it can be a lot more convenient! I can have both arms all snuggled under the blanket and the iPad or Nook can just rest on my legs.  I don’t need to hold the book so I can stay on the right page, or if it falls down I don’t lose my page. Reading in bed while the hubby is sleeping is nice since I don’t need to turn on the bedside light.  And traveling?  Wow, it is sure is nice to have so many books to choose from and not just what fit in the bag/I felt I could carry.  It is also nice because sometimes the hubby and I both want to read the same book…at the same time and now we can on our various devices.

So now I have a blend of books and e-books.  How to decide what to buy in what format is also been an interesting debate.  We are trying to stay consistent on format based on series and/or author.  But I am going to admit, price sometimes factors in as well.  There are times when a new hardcover is actually CHEAPER than an e-book.  I am going to admit…I don’t get that.  With an e-book there is little cost to produce, at least after the initial formatting has been done.  And I am going to assume (author friends correct me if I am wrong) but since most authors now submit their work electronically, the conversion to e-book format is not all that difficult or time-consuming.  I am guessing that there is some awesome program that does it automatically and then an editor just has to go through and double-check it.

Now, I am not saying I don’t want the author to get their fair pay for a book I purchase.  I do, they deserve it!  And if I buy a book, it generally means I am going to read it at least twice…or share it with the hubby…or save it to share with my kids.  But it seems odd to me that I can get a hardcover book, with all the printing, shipping, etc that goes with it, CHEAPER than just downloading an electronic copy.

In the end, we still have a house of books, we still go to the library every week, but I am finding myself enjoying the flexibility that having e-books on hand give me.  I always have something to read, right at my finger tips!

How about you?  Have you ventured into the e-book world yet?  Pros/Cons?



  1. I like your post, I shared my views o the kindle ( which was very similar to yours on my blog a week or so ago.

    You an read it at

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