Posted by: Genny Colby | May 6, 2012

How I Hope to Cure My Impulse Shopping Habit…

I don’t know about any of you, but Target is my money pit.  I can walk in there with exactly 5 things on my list, all of which should be under $25 and yet I still some how end up leaving having spent at least double that amount!  It is the pit of impulse shopping for me.  “Oh, we are running low on this…” or “this is a good deal…” or “yes, we have been talking about getting x…” or just “hey, this looks cool!”.  Must be something they pump in the air.  And I can still walk out of the store missing at least one of the items I went in to get in the first place!!

So, after having a “oh my, we really ARE having a second baby..and SOON” and all that comes with a new baby (diapers, college savings, etc)  I decided to take a closer look at our budget and see where we could make some changes.  Boy was I surprised when I looked at exactly what we have been spending at Target.  I realized if I could one big run at Target each month, getting all the supplies that we normally buy there (toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, basic toiletries, etc) I bet we could save a significant amount.  To add to our rainy day fund, the kids savings accounts, and a our vacation/other big dreams fund.

This past week I worked on a list, going through the house, looking at all the things we normally use, figuring out what we are likely to need in the next month and making one big list.  Not an easy task, but to be honest, I think I did a pretty good job.  I am prepared to do a smaller run mid month if there is something drastic that I did forget, but hopefully this won’t need to happen.

Saturday was our day to give this massive Target run a try.  I got everything on my list…and a few things that were not on the list, but would have been if we had gone another weekend.  We needed 2 carts!  But we had some big stuff that took up space, and a number of items that were one time buys.  We did spend a little more than I thought, but not more than I really expected, if that makes sense.  Those few one time buys put us a little over my initial estimate, but a lot less than if I had to go once a week, or more this month.  If this works, we will save a significant portion of our budget each month.

So, am I crazy to try to do one Target run a month?  The hubby thinks so.  But I like the idea of not having every weekend spent running errands, or having to take time each week to run to Target with one kid in tow.  And I refuse to do it solo with two kids in tow.  Who knows, maybe this will even inspire me to start doing monthly meal plans.  Or even a month of freezer cooking.  It is not all about saving money, though that is a big part of it, but also making sure that the time we do have on the weekends is spent having fun as a family going to the park, the pool, or just hanging out in the backyard.


  1. Ahhh the luring siren song that is Target!
    We definitely spend too much at Target too.
    I’ve found that using the coupons at Target’s website in addition to using manufacturer’s coupons really help though!

    Have you used Target’s coupon site before?

  2. I haven’t used their coupon site..I will have to check that out. But we do have their RX rewards, which gives us a 5% off coupon after 5 RX fills. So that is a nice bonus!

  3. Target coupons are great! We use them too. Great plan, Genny! We used to do meal plans for two weeks at a time. I know of one family that does the monthly meal plan. Doing two weeks at a time we found some perishible items going bad. Now we do 5 day meal plans. It’s all I can manage with a little one and things don’t go bad that quickly. Oh, and the Red Card helps a lot. We have the debit red card and still get 5%.

  4. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Check out my most recent post for details!

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