Posted by: Genny Colby | June 5, 2012

Pet Peeve of the Day….

Today it is other drivers.  Seriously people, we are all out there on the road, we all have places to be, people see, things to get done.  If we follow the traffic laws, are respectful of others, it could all work out.  But alas, this is just often not the case, so today I present to you my list of Pet Peeves regarding other drivers…in no particular order.

1-Throwing things out your window.  Why do you think I want to see your coffee cup, McDonald’s bag, apple core or, (and this is the worst) your CIGARETTE butts on the sidewalk, my esplanade, the parking lot, or just thrown on to the highway.  How hard is it to just save it until you get home/work/the mall/where ever and find a trash can???

2-Riding my tail to make me go faster, especially when the car in front of me is driving slower than you want to go is not going to suddenly give my car the ability to steam roll over the car in front of me, or give me the motivation to go faster.  If you feel a strong need to drive faster, than please feel free to go around me, or give me the chance to get out of your way as soon as it is safe to do so.  But then PLEASE do not cut in front of me and slow down!  On the flip side…the speed limit is there for a reason, and in general it is not a suggestion.  Unless the weather dictates, going 20 miles BELOW the speed limit is not any safer.  But if you really feel the need to drive  significantly below the posted speed…at least move out of the way of the other cars so that we do not run you over when you suddenly decide to stop in the middle of the road for a red light a mile away.

3-Drivers who either forget they need to turn or to get off the interstate…why do you think it is okay to cut across 2+ lanes of traffic at high rates of speed just to make your exit?  If you can not plan ahead to get over, would it not (in almost ALL situations) just be better to wait for the next exit instead of almost hitting 6 cars in your mad dash across the road?  Or even better…PAY ATTENTION to where you are and where you need to be?  Even with GPS/Navigation/Map Quest directions, you should have a general idea of when you turn/off ramp is coming up and be prepared.

4-The end of my driveway is not a parking spot.  Please be sure your car is pulled far enough forward that you are not blocking my driveway.  And if by chance you are and I kindly ask you to move your car so I can get out of MY driveway…please do not act like it is my fault.  Sorry, the driveway was there before you were, I didn’t just magically move it so your car is now hanging a foot into it.  I don’t want to take off your bumper…but if you won’t move your car you leave me few options.

5-I really do not need to hear what music you are playing and I REALLY do not need my car to shake, rattle, and roll because you like your base on the sonic boom setting.  You may not wish to hear into your old age, but I would appreciate you not making that choice for me.


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