Posted by: Genny Colby | June 11, 2012

The Final Countdown…

So, here we are, week 37 of this pregnancy.  If all goes according to MY plan, we have two weeks left until we meet our little dragon.  And I hate to admit this…but I am ready to be done.  I really can’t complain.  Pregnancy is actually pretty easy on me, other than the heartburn.  But I am to the point where I am just tired…tired of not being able to get up off the floor, not being able to tie my own shoes, getting winded walking up two flights of stairs, of always being hot (these 90 degree days in May/June are not helping!) and not being able to pick up and snuggle my little monkey.

I am having some serious mommy guilt that mommy is just plain pooped some days.  That I am feeling awkward and just not up for all the fun things we normally get to do.  I try hard to make our mornings full of fun things (mommy/daughter time, play dates with friends, events with our mom’s group) but by the time quiet time rolls around…I am just done.   I am lucky to have an awesome hubby who comes home after a full day and is ready to be hands on dad.  And I know when this baby comes things will be different, I won’t be able to give her all the time I used to, we will have to work to find a new balance so that everyone gets time together, one-on-one, and to ourselves.  It is a whole new balancing act…  When I told her the baby was coming soon, besides all the things she will do because she is the big sister, her main response has been then mommy can go (roller) skating with her!  Guess a family night at the rink is going to be in order here pretty quickly 🙂

But right now the mommy guilt is weighing on me…which may be why we went ahead and adopted a new kitten this weekend.   This little guy sure does bring a HUGE smile to my little girl’s face.  And she is great with him.  I know, crazy to bring a new kitty into the house right before a baby, but hey, we already have 2 cats, what is one more?  Except for teaching him where he can use his claws, all is good, and she is happy.

And I am ready to meet our little guy…and be done with the whole being pregnant part.  I feel bad complaining because it is not like this was a hard pregnancy in any way, but these last few weeks are rough.    I know it will all be worth it when he does make his arrival.  I know we will have a period of adjustment for all of us as we figure out the new dynamics of being a family of four.  I guess I am just ready to get started!


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