Posted by: Genny Colby | June 23, 2012

The Roller Coaster We Call Life…

I would really like it to stop for a bit.  To say this has been a wild and crazy and unexpected week would be putting it all lightly.  It seems like forever ago that it was Father’s Day, but really it was only last weekend!

You know those calls in the middle of the night that you dread getting and then are so freaking angry that it was really only a drunk random wrong number?  Yeah, we didn’t get one of those..we got the one we all dread.  My mother-in-law had been rushed to the ER and they needed to know what her wishes would be, what measures did she wish to have used.  We have talked about this issue many times in the past couple of years and knew that she did not want any extraordinary measures taken, but until you get that call, you can’t imagine how hard it is to not only say those words, but then wait for what is likely the inevitable.  One hour later we got that second call.  They were unable to save her.  I think the whole world just about stopped.  Wait, what just happened?  How can this have happened?  What does this mean?  We just sat in shock for a long time.  Hubby talked with his brothers.  Not knowing what else to do, we started a list of what needed to happen, who we needed to call, what we needed to find out about.   And then we just started to put one foot in front of the other and take each call, question, etc as it came.

At least that was the plan…until Monday morning when our little dragon decided that he had cooked long enough and was ready to make his appearance into this world.  So now the world went spinning in another direction.  Contact our friends to come take care of our little monkey, gather all our bags (mom’s bag, baby’s bag, monkey’s bag, dad’s stuff, what are we forgetting???  We forgot the baby’s bag!!).  And off to the hospital we went.  I won’t go into all the details, but after a not so long labor and an even shorter “delivery” time…our little dragon made his entry into the world.   He is perfect, wonderful, and amazing.

He has also made us realize that no matter how prepared we were, what plans we had, what we thought we knew/had down about this whole parenting thing…he is his own person.  He has a different play book than his sister!  Makes us remember that even newborns are their own people and we have to adjust to him, not the other way around.

So in one week we have had the lowest of lows, which we are still trying to understand, accept, make it feel like a reality.  And the highest of highs with the arrival of new life, which we are cherishing every day.  One we love with all our hearts, but the moment was still bittersweet since we could not share it with Grandma.  But I know she is watching, I know she is sending us all her love.   And that life continues on, with those who are important leaving their mark in our lives in ways we will feel for many years to come.

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