Posted by: Genny Colby | July 23, 2012

Here we go again…

Oh the poor hubby!  I am getting that urge again…the urge to purge.  How do we accumulate so much STUFF?  Where does it come from?  Does it multiple at night?  Who buys all this stuff, because it is of course not me.  And can someone please tell me why they have to make princess/fairy/etc dolls with shoes that COME OFF?  Can they not just paint them on their feet?  And why do fairies even need shoes?  They can fly!

So now I have the urge to purge…but I am feeling so overwhelmed with where to start, so I just sit back and enjoy the quiet of two napping kiddos and a book that is due at the library this week.  Going to either have to return that book unfinished…or return it late.  All the while my mind is whirling around, thinking about what I want to move/change/get rid off.  Of course, these moods also bring on a need to go to Target and/or Ikea for more shelves, bins, etc to be MORE organized.  Which of course leads to more STUFF.

I think the school room is going to get the first wave of motivation…and the first wave of new stuff.  But this stuff I can justify…we are homeschooling, we need some new materials.   And places to put them of course.

What I really should tackle is the closet of doom.  Laugh all you want…you know you have one too, you just don’t want to admit it.  That one closet you hope that no one ever opens because if they do, all the STUFF you have hidden in there away from not only the eyes of any guests, but yourself as well, allowing you to forget it is there, is going to fall and land on your head/foot/little toe. My poor little toe…it tends to get the brunt of all things falling/corners of ottomans.

But first I AM going to go enjoy the rare quiet that is two little ones sleeping at the same time.

Abstract Wallpaper: Purple Flowers

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