Posted by: Genny Colby | July 30, 2012

Season of changes…

I love routines. I love to be organized. I love to make lists.  I love knowing what is coming next.  Yes, I can go with the flow.  Yes, I do enjoy spur of the moment opportunities (most of the time).  I even enjoy surprises (usually).  But I love routine!

Earlier this year, we created our daily schedule for our 3-year-old daughter.  She loves it!  She loves knowing what is going to happen through out the day.  She loves knowing what is coming up.  Our little monkey does not transition quickly.  She does best when we use foreshadowing, set timers, let her know what is coming up next and how many minutes until we transition.

Then we had a new baby and all those routines went out the window.  New babies do not really come into this world ready to follow my schedule, or that of a 3-year-old!  And it is taking us some time to figure out how to manage even the most basic of things with two.  Getting out the house each day making sure I have 2 kids, diaper bag, bottles and formula, water bottle, snacks for monkey, sunscreen…and get to where ever we are planning to go on time is sometimes my biggest accomplishment of the day!

We are lucky that so far my little monkey loves being a big sister.  She loves to help with anything and everything (unless is disrupts her Scooby Doo time).  But we are noticing a little more attitude, a little more defiance, a little more wild and craziness.  Some of this is I am sure due to the fact that she is 3 1/2 years old!  But I suspect that some of it is testing the waters with the new baby and some of it is the fact that we are out of our routine.  She is testing, figuring out the new expectations.

Now the little man is 6 weeks old (wow…this time has gone by so fast!).  We are starting to figure out life with a baby again.  But it is different this time around, since we also have a 3-year-old.  But we are starting to figure out a new normal.  Just in time to take a quick family trip, which I am sure will throw everything all out of whack, as trips are known to do!

Once we get back it will almost fall.  That means our new school year will start.  That means will get back into our routine, or actually, we will get a new routine.  Hopefully by then the little man will be sleeping through the night…that would help! But until then…we will have to punt, piece together some semblance of a routine.

And I will have to get better about going with the flow…and I think I better get used to it, since I have a feeling that with these two kiddos, my plans are going to be a good place to start…but I better be flexible and ready for each curve ball they throw me!  It is what makes life fun, exciting, and an adventure.


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