Posted by: Genny Colby | July 31, 2012

Baby Weight Gain…and Loss

A little honesty here…I never really paid all that much attention to the weight I was gaining while pregnant.  I always tried to eat well, not over indulge, and keep in mind that I was not really “eating for two”.  But I did not obsess over the scale.  And this was a BIG thing for me, having battled eating issues before in my life.  With each pregnancy, I just did the best I could, knowing I was supposed to be gaining weight.

Being a stay a home mom, I will also admit that losing the baby weight the first time was not a huge deal to me.  It was winter, it was cold, I was staying home, I could live in yoga pants, sweat pants, etc.  I did not have to try to fit back into my work clothes.  So I slowly lost the weight.  Maybe not as fast and maybe I didn’t get as much off before we get pregnant (3 years later!) with baby #2.

But now here we are post baby #2 by six weeks and I am thinking that I would really like to not only lose the baby weight, but I would like to do better than just “pre-baby #2” or even “pre-baby #1”.   I would like to get in shape, better shape than I have been before now.

Given my past issues with food, eating, weight gain/loss, I have to adjust my mindset that it is not about the NUMBERS but about getting up off the couch, using the treadmill, and feeling good about myself.  I don’t feel bad about myself or how I look now, but I do know I could be in better shape.  And who wouldn’t want to be in better shape?  I know have two young kids I need to be able to keep up with on a daily basis.  I want them to learn healthy food and exercise habits.  I want to be able to run through the park with them, climb a mountain (via a trail!), and enjoy these days of their childhood by being active and involved.

But the biggest problem has always been time and motivation.  I know I have to make time.  And hopefully once we get back from our vacation next week the little dragon will be at a point where we can work to get him on a better schedule so there is time, for both the hubby and myself to get our butts in motion.  Now the motivation…there is just so much on the to do list that it can be easy to push the work out to the bottom of the list.  I will admit to being guilty of this, even with the hubby saying “Hey, you going to work out today?”.  So I obviously need something a little more to nudge me in the right direction.

And now I have (hopefully) found something to get me started.  I am going to do a Dirty Girl 5K.  Not by myself…but with what is looking to be a great group of women.  But I know I can just jump into a 5K, even a fun one where the time is not as important as finishing and having fun.  So, once we get back from our brief trip to WI, I am going to start the Couch to 5K program on the treadmill.  I won’t have finished it before the Dirty Girl 5K, but I should be at least in better shape to attempt such an endeavor. And who knows…maybe once I get into the habit of running, I can try for a more traditional 5K next year.

Now, why am I waiting until we get back from WI?  Why not start right now?  Well, for one, I still need to figure out some sort of routine for these kids.  I need to figure out how to make our days flow so that I can get stuff done around the house, give each child some one on one time, fit in lesson planning/prep time as well as school time.  Because my to do list right now is sooo long to get ready for WI and I have a little one who is still getting up 2 times per night.   And to be honest…because I want to enjoy this last little bit of the “post pregnancy” time and eat my fave foods in WI without too much guilt.

I will keep you posted on my progress…not because I really think you are all dying to know, but because it will hold be accountable!


  1. Woo-hoo Go us!! 😀

  2. After baby #1 I lost my baby weight quickly due to breastfeeding, however baby weight after #2 was another story! I slowly gained about 10 more pounds after having my second. When he turned 1 I decided it was time to make time for me. I was struggling to find the beauty in my body after having 2 kids. The decision to work out 5-6 times a week was not an easy one, but has left me happier each day, which also helps my boys. If you need a buddy let me know! I set out with the same mindset you have, to get healthy for my boys… and hoping that the scale would follow. You have enough support behind you that I’m sure you will do great! Enjoy your last few days before you start.

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