Posted by: Genny Colby | August 6, 2012

Sleep…do I really need it?

Being a parent is both the most rewarding and the most challenging job.  It brings about so many joys but also requires some sacrifice.  In the end, the sacrifices are all worth it, and don’t really feel like a sacrifice.  Except for the lack of sleep.  That is one I feel, I notice, I miss the most.

I used to be one of those people who needed at good 7+ hours of sleep to function best throughout the day.  Then we had a baby.  And I got used to sleeping in short bursts, with naps throughout the day.  But she was a great sleeper (at night at least) and by 6 weeks I was getting 5-6 hour blocks and by 10 weeks, she sleeping about 7-9 hours each night.  I started to feel human again.

Now we have a new baby and we are back to those short bursts of sleep, except this time, I can’t nap during the day, as my 3 1/2 year-old daughter needs time, attention, and for mommy to at least TRY not to be so zombie like!  I will admit, I have dozed while she plays and our little dragon sleeps in my lap.  But I don’t like to do that, I feel it is not really fair to her.  So caffeine has become my friend!

While she was sleeping through the night quickly, here we are at 7 weeks and the little dragon is still waking every 3-3 1/2 hours to eat.  And he has developed a not so thrilling habit of being AWAKE from about 3am-4:30am.  I love those quiet times when it is just us, when he wants to snuggle and smile and coo at me.  Though I do really wish the occurred at say 5:30 am instead!

He would prefer to sleep snuggled in my arms as I rock in the chair.  Yeah, that is not going to work in the long-term for me, as much as I love it.  I need sleep. Real sleep.  Sleep in my nice, soft, comfy bed.  In order to achieve a semblance of  that, we are bringing him into bed with us more than we did with our daughter.

I never thought much about “sleep training” with the monkey.  We didn’t need to, she just started sleeping through the night.  This little guy is probably going to take a little more work.  I think once he either decides to keep the pacifier in his mouth, or can find his thumb regularly that will help.  And once he is able to roll over and sleep on his tummy I think he will be happier.  He tends to stretch out, twitch, etc while sleeping which seems to wake him up.

Until then, I will continue to cherish those quiet moments, while dreaming of that amazing first night of real sleep when he decides to sleep through the night.  And I am going to see about a caffeine drip…


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