Posted by: Genny Colby | August 22, 2012

To Clean or Not to Clean…

I will admit it…I have a little OCD.  I like things to be clean, neat, and organized. And it is so easy for the little daily clutter to not build up, but just always be present.  And having one husband, two kids, and two cats…the amount of stuff is amazing sometimes.  I feel like I spend most of the day cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys, cleaning up cat puke, and making lists of other projects I need to find time to complete and then squeezing in time to do them in 5-10 min blocks before calls of “mommy!” or the infant equivalent demand my attention elsewhere.

But I am realizing that this compulsion is taking me away from my family and prohibiting us from enjoying some adventures together, since I spend so much time thinking about cleaning or cleaning.  I don’t want to miss opportunities with my kids or my family.  That seems much more important than having a super super clean house, right?  So I am working to change my approach.  Does it matter if the house is sparkling clean? Does it matter if my bed gets made every day?  Does it matter if there is a level of clutter that is just part of our daily lives?  Will anyone who I invite in to my home care or notice? (though I do promise that guest bathrooms will have toilet paper, soap, and a clean hand towel!)

I am trying to be okay with the idea that if we all have clean clothes, towels, and sheets, that is good enough.  As long as you don’t stick to the floor or see clouds of cat hair/etc when you walk through a room, that is good.  That the bathrooms can deal with daily wipe downs.  That a once a month deep clean is good, as long as we stay on top of the big stuff weekly.  And the big one for me?  That if I ask the hubby to complete a task, to let him do it !  Not to stand over his shoulder directing or just going in afterwards and doing it again.  Yes, I admit it, I have a problem!

Wish me luck…and if you happen to come visit us…please just ignore that pile sitting on the counter near the printer and all the hair ties on the buffet waiting to be taken back upstairs.


  1. What really helped me was the book “Life’s Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets” – its excellent with tons of ideas, hints, and humor. But I still have a hard time, and lately so much harder as I can do less and less with twins growing away in my belly!

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