Posted by: Genny Colby | August 24, 2012


I did it…I started the couch to 5K program this week.  And once I figured out I could not do the run part at 5 miles per hour and dropped it down to 4 miles per hour (I am working on the treadmill) it was really too to.  I KNOW I can do this!  But here is the thing about me…I need motivation or should I say a carrot at the end of the road.  I know…just getting in shape, exercising, losing the baby weight should be enough.  And it really is, but who does not like setting little goals and then rewarding oneself with some kind of treat?

I do have two rewards lined up already…one is the knowledge that I can and WILL do the Dirty Girl Run with the girls on 9/22.  The second is knowing that I will be able to buy some new clothes since I am sure to lose weight and have more muscle and less “non-muscle”.  But I am trying to find little “rewards” for each week I finish.  Food treats are sort of counterproductive to what I am doing…and each week does not seem to deserve something big like say a new book (and my to read list is already so long I am not sure adding to it is a good idea!)…so what other ideas are there for little rewards or motivational goals?  I refuse to use the scale as my measuring stick, as that is known to lead to other issues with me.  So…any suggestions out there?

I am kind of thinking about giving my self “points” for each work out I do then I can turn in those points for something a new book (or maybe just the TIME to read a book!)  Is it obvious that I have been working on developing a chore chart and rewards system for the Monkey?  One more thing we are starting with the new school year.


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