Posted by: Genny Colby | September 2, 2012

Best Show on TV…

Finally, a new season of Doctor Who!  I am really starting to grow to love Matt Smith’s version of the Doctor.  While he will never be David Tenant, who will forever be MY doctor, he is turning into a pretty amazing Doctor.  And of course, there is the joy that is Amy and Rory.

I loved Rose (again, with David Tenant’s Doctor) but Amy and Rory so work with this version of the Doctor.  Their relationship takes away from any potential “love” story between the Doctor and his companion.  Been there, done that in the best possible ways with Rose.  Their relationship is also just fun because they are so fun together.  Rory adds such an innocent humor.  He is not jaded by what he sees, he does not find the Doctor so awe-inspiring that he just trusts blindly, as Amy does on many occasions.  Yet Amy is also a strong companion.  She does not just sit back and wait for the Doctor to rescue her, she stands up and fights right along side him.

I am preparing myself for what I am sure will be a tear fest when Rory and Amy end their travels with the Doctor.  But after last night’s season premier…I think the new companion is going to bring a whole new level of fun and challenges for the Doctor!

New conflicts with the Daleks, the return of the Angels, Cybermen, River Song…can not wait!!

If you have not tuned into Doctor Who yet…what are you waiting for?  You will not be disappointed, I promise!


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