Posted by: Genny Colby | October 19, 2012

Review-Wonder Forge Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Games

Today we got home to find a box on our doorstep.  I was a little surprised as I had not ordered anything recently, at least nothing that would have come Fed Ex.  So imagine our surprise and excitement when we opened the box to find 3 new games from the awesome game company Wonder Forge!  And all they asked is that we try out these new games and if we could be so kind as to post reviews on our thoughts.  Well, that was an easy one!  Today we received Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game , Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party, and Fun Machine.  But all the opinions are mine, based on how I felt the game played and how much fun the monkey seemed to have playing.

Today I will review the Disney Princess Dazzling Princess Game.  First off…if you or your child is NOT into any and all things princess, this is probably not the game for your house.  Each player (there can be up to 4) picks a tiara, a bracelet, and a ring.  The game play is pretty simple.  On your turn you pick a card.  On the back of each card is a picture from one of the Disney Princess movies.  The player must correctly state which Disney Princess this character is associated with/which movie they are in.  You check your answers by using the red heart gem to read the front of the card and reveal how many jewels you get to add to your tiara/bracelet/ring.  There are a few special cards where the player gets to act out a different character/princess.  Then both players (the actor and the guesser) both get the number of jewels on the card.  The first player to complete her tiara, bracelet, and ring wins the game.

My almost four-year-old daughter LOVES this game!  She has fun guessing which princess each card belongs (and does almost a better job than me!), even though she has not seen most of the movies (except for Tangled) not more than one or two times each.  Then at the end she got to wear her fancy jewels and dance around.

The pieces are, for a game aimed at young girls, pretty sturdy. The jewels are small, which allows from some nice fine motor practice as she picks the pieces and puts them into her tiara/bracelet/ring.   The game comes with a nice box to keep the cards stored and neat.  The only real complaint I have about the game is that reading the answers using the red heart gem is a bit tricky.  It took a little practice and you have to be sure you have good lighting.  But the monkey figured it out and had fun checking her answers and finding out how many jewels she got for her answer.  Though I would still double-check the card as she had a tendency to tell me every card gave her 3 jewels!

One just little “social” commentary…while I did not think I would buy into all the Disney Princess hoopla, my daughter LOVES them.  And not because I wanted her to, or do not continue to offer other opportunities for play, I do.  But this is her choice, her interest, so I will continue to follow her lead, while continuing to expose her to other games, other characters, etc. And she does have other interests, not everything is Princess all the time, but she does love her Princesses.

While I know Wonder Forge is following Disney’s lead as to what characters are considered a “Princess”, I am still have issues with the Disney Pocahontas.  I am not sure what I will do when we finally came across one of her cards, probably take them out of the game.  That is one movie we have not shared and have no plans to share with our daughter.  Though the reasons are for a post another day!

In the end, this game as a BIG hit in our house.  I know it is one that we will play many times!  And shared with friends..and likely given as a gift to other little girls we know who are just as obsessed (and yes it is an obsession) with everything Princess!  Thank you Wonder Forge for the opportunity to check out this game and share our thoughts.

I have to say, I love Wonder Forge and their games!  First of all, their games are fun, educational, and allow for various levels of game play.  They are also a company who cares about their customers and does their best by them.  I purchased games produced by Wonder Forge and I have been lucky to win games from them through contests and games on Facebook and Twitter.   To receive games to review was exciting and something new for us.  We have not played a Wonder Forge game that we did not enjoy yet.

**Sorry for no pictures, but I don’t share pictures of the family on this public site**


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