Posted by: Genny Colby | October 23, 2012

Review-Wonder Forge Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

The second game we received from Wonder Forge to review was the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game.  While we received this item from Wonder Forge, all opinions here are my own, based on my observations and experience with the game.

I have to say, my daughter LOVES this game!  This is a cooperative game, but it is also one that my daughter can easily play on her own.  And it allows her to use her imagination to play with the pieces in her own way.  I love games that not only allow for game play as the manufacture thought of, but also allows creative play on our own.

In this game, each player takes a turn turning over one of the cards (Mix, Bake, Decorate, or a clock piece).  If you turn over 4 clock pieces before having Mix, Bake, Decorate turned up, the game ends.  But once you have  Mix, Bake, Decorate it is time to get the party started!  One of the players turns over a recipe card, turns over the timer, and then everyone works together to build the cupcake from cupcake holder, to cupcake, to frosting, to special princess topper.  The goal is to complete as many cupcakes as possible before the timer runs out.

The cards are sturdy, the pieces are a nice plastic/rubber that is durable, but brightly colored and attractive.  I don’t worry about anything breaking, just having the cat run off with one of the small pieces!  I don’t know that the turning over cards to find Mix, Bake, Decorate really add anything to the game, but my daughter always makes sure that this is part of the game, so it must appeal to her.  The timer is not really all that useful right now, but that is more that my daughter would rather just build the cupcakes and work together as a team.  I could see down the road allowing us to “compete” on who could build a cupcake the fastest, so it gives us room to grow.

We have played this game as designed a few times, but really what my daughter likes to do is follow the recipe cards and make the cupcakes.  I am okay with this, as following directions, putting things together in the right order are all skills we are working on with her.  Fine motor skills also get a nice work out putting the different cupcakes together.

But most of all, my daughter just has fun!  As she told me as she got out the game for the third time  yesterday “Mommy, I love this new cupcake game!”.  Yep, a big hit!

While this is a Disney Princess game, you don’t need to know the Princesses to enjoy the game.   So, as long as you enjoy games, like the idea of making cupcakes, and don’t mind Princesses, this is a wonderful game to add to your collection.

As with all Wonder Forge games, I really appreciate the quality of the product.   After hours of game play, pieces still seem like new.  I love how the games are fun, interactive, and educational.  I appreciate that the games can be adapted to play at varying levels, allowing us to grow with them and continue to use them for a longer period of time.

Thanks Wonder Forge for allowing us to review this game.


**again, we don’t post pictures of our family on this public blog so I am not able to share any of the game play in action**


  1. Hi! Thanks for your review. I just bought this toy for my daughter, but unfortunately, it didn’t come with instructions…or we lost them. Would it be possible for your to scan and email me the instructions? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you very much!

    • I will try to get them scanned and send your way in the next couple of days.

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