Posted by: Genny Colby | November 1, 2012

Pro-Life…what SHOULD it mean?

Pro-life…what a complicated and often misleading term.  It is generally used in the abortion debate.  You have your “pro-choice” side and your “pro-life” side.  But it bothers me that this is how we use it.  In this case, it really should be “pro-choice” vs “anti abortion”.

Why should we use “anti-abortion” instead of “pro-life” in the abortion debate?   Because when you say your Pro Life, you really should mean ALL life, at all stages.  That means you not only don’t agree with the concept of abortion, but that you want to ensure that each life brought into this world has the best chance to achieve anything.

This should mean that you support national healthcare to make sure that the mother is able to get appropriate prenatal care.  That the mother and child can afford to go to the doctor post birth and for all those important well child check ups.  That they have  a primary doctor who knows them, they can call if there is a problem, and who may be able to catch things before they become serious and require an ER visit or even hospitalization.  And not have to worry about how they are going to pay for it, or what the debt is going to do to their family.

Being Pro-Life should mean you support fully funding our schools.  Working with educators to create programs and provide support that every student can be successful.  It also should mean that you support student loans, grants, and making higher education affordable and accessible for any and all students.  It should mean that you feel education is important and worthy of your dollars, not your budget cuts year after year after year.

It should mean that you believe in equal rights and equal pay for EVERYONE.  That ones gender, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation, or anything else that could be used to separate individuals or groups should not considered.   All employees are treated equally based on their level of education, their experiences, and their job performance.

It should mean you support raising the minimum wage to something that allows a family to live.  But it also should mean you support social programs such as food stamps, and other assistance programs that help families so that they stay together, know that they have a roof over their heads, food for the children, and are one step from being able to do so with out assistance, instead of one step of away from living in their car because of a large medical bill or some other catastrophe.

Being Pro-Life should mean you support gun control.  It means that owning a gun is done with respect and only used in hunting or the very extreme measures of protecting life.  It does not mean that every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue, or Betty can (or should) own a gun, let alone 10, including semi-automatics. It should mean that you don’t believe that we need to carry guns in our schools, malls, churches, or while walking down the street.  It should mean that we “shoot first and ask questions later” i is not the rule of the land.  Owning a gun should mean you respect life and will only use under the most extreme of circumstances (aside from hunting legally).

Being Pro-Life should mean that you don’t believe in the death penalty, there is no “eye for an eye” mentality.  Being Pro-Life means you believe ALL life is important and that there are other ways to punish those for most violent of crimes.

There is no gray area.   In most cases you are just “anti-abortion”.  But really, if you want to consider yourself pro-life, you must be PRO-LIFE.   Being pro-life should mean that all life is important, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, religious affiliation, etc.  And really, shouldn’t we all be pro-life?  Shouldn’t we as a society want the best for everyone?


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