Posted by: Genny Colby | November 15, 2012

If I ran the world…

Ah, the elections are over!!!  Whether your pick won or not, it is time for us to move forward and push our elected leaders to actually DO SOMETHING and not play politics, not play party games, not play “king of the mound”.  Because really, it is not about them, it is about all of us.  Though somehow I doubt this will happen much…

But today I want to talk about the election process itself and how I would change it if I ran the world (or at least the election process).  Now, please keep in mind that I have no thoughts on the logistics of making this work or who would pay for it all.  That is not how this game works.

So, if I ran the world…there would not be 16 choices for President/Vice-President on the final ballot.  That is just way to many.  And because of how our process works, being dominated  by the Democratic and Republican parties, how many of us had even heard of most of these other candidates?  If someone is running for such a high office, I would like to know a little more about that person, her thoughts/ideas/positions on the topics that influence my voting.  And yes I can search the internet, but that is fair?  Should not all candidates have had a chance to get their message out through the media and public forums?

Here is what I would do if I ran the world.  Each party that wanted to have a candidate in the race would hold their own selection process.  Maybe it is a national primary the way the Democrats and Republicans do now.  Maybe it is a straw poll at a convention.  Maybe it is just someone announcing that he is in fact running for President for such and such a party.

We would then hold a national primary.  All those who won the selection process for his party would get their name on the ballot.  The top three vote winners in this primary would then be our final candidates for President/Vice-President (assuming we still go with a team approach).

Each candidate would get equal air time on the news/talk/entertainment programs in television/print/radio.  Each candidate would be invited to participate in the nationally televised debates.  And each candidate would have access to the same materials to prepare for the debates.  There would also be a cap on how much any candidate could spend on print ads, television ads, mass mailings, robo-calls, and door to door canvasing.

We then would have three candidates that had equal time to get her message out to the people.  Then the people would elect the best candidate with the candidate who wins the most majority votes being declared the winner.  And the winner can not be called until everyone who wants to vote has cast their ballot, each vote has been counted.  Yes, we won’t know that same night, but it is more important that each vote be counted, each voice be heard, then calling the race before the citizens of Alaska polls have even closed!

So, yes, that is how it would be if I ran the world.



  1. As an independent, I say YES! We need a way to get a third party in there. I’ve never been too fond of either the republican candidate, nor the democratic one. I’d love to have more candidates to choose from, especially one that had a fighting chance.

  2. I like it! Though, I’d add that there should be a way to rank the three when it came time to vote. First Choice, Second Choice, and Third (oh, god, nooooo!!!!!) Choice. That way, people would be free to choose any candidate as their 1st choice w/out worrying that they were “wasting” their vote.

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