Posted by: Genny Colby | November 27, 2012

Today’s Pet Peeve…

Diaper of those must haves as a parent.  Great for wiping up anything from sticky faces and hands, to dirty tables at the mall, to  fingerprints left around the house, in addition to their primary purpose of cleaning up little diapered booties.  But can someone PLEASE explain to me why it is that when you get to the bottom of the pack, the wipes don’t come out nicely or separate from the next wipe easily when you only have one hand?  It is inevitable that I will get to the bottom of the pack, where they are all nice and soaked (having been sitting at the bottom), that they don’t want to come out nicely one by one but in a group of , oh, 6 at at time.  And of course, this is when I am using one hand to hold the kiddos kicking legs up and out of the messiest, poopiest diaper of all time!

So with one hand I am trying to wrangle one little booty up and out of the poopy diaper without getting poop all over his legs, feet, the changing table, etc.  (and soon, trying to keep his hands out too because of course during a poopy diaper change is the BEST time to explore our bodies don’t you know!).  With the other hand I am having a war with the diaper wipes “Just one at a time please…” as a try to flick the one away from the rest of them.  But no…here comes 3 or more…are they afraid to be left alone in the wipe box?  Do they think they are really missing some great party out here?  Would they not be better off staying behind to see another day when maybe all they are called on to clean is a chocolate covered face from the ice cream dessert?

But I guess maybe it isn’t all bad…at least I have diaper wipes and I don’t have to use wash clothes that need to be laundered after each use…I already do WAY more laundry than I would like to admit!


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