Posted by: Genny Colby | December 5, 2012

So, who has a good answer for me…

I will admit, I don’t understand tax law.  I don’t understand how they calculate what we have to pay, why what we have paid through pay roll deductions never seems quite right, and how all the other deductions work.  I know that this is a complicated area that even the “experts” don’t always understand and are not able to really explain.    I do know it is something that most people I know complain about in one way or another.

What I don’t understand is why those that make the most money seem to pay the least in taxes.  Should there not be a tax rate for all and everyone pays their part?  I know…those who make more than I do tend to be part of organizations that can afford to pay for a lobbyist to work on their behalf to get the laws written in their favor.  But is that right? (on any issue?)

So as we approach the “fiscal cliff” that is looming…and I know we will see changes in our monthly income if some sort of agreement is not reached, I am frustrated by those that seem determined to stick it to the middle and lower class families to pay more, while their buddies (and often themselves) continue to pay less due to the number of write offs, deductions, and other tax opportunities that are available to them.

What I don’t understand is WHY?  Why are there people who have been elected to represent the best interest of EVERYONE willing to allow this to happen?  Why is it so hard and apparently wrong to ask those that have more, to pay a fair percentage?  Correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it, allowing those tax credits on the upper income earning tax payers to expire would not in the end cause them to pay much more, percentage wise, than a middle-income family.  Why can’t we ask them to pay a similar percentage as we do other tax payers?

I don’t buy the argument that these are the people who create jobs…because even with these tax cuts that is not happening.  And they are not the ones who are putting the largest percentage of dollars into the economy.  They are not the ones who get those extra dollars in their paychecks and decide “yes we can go out to dinner Friday night” or “yes we can all go see the new Hobbit movie AND get popcorn” or “now Santa can bring that most desired toy for under the tree”.  Regardless of whether they have those extra dollars or not, they are going to do what they want, buy what they want, and eat out when ever they want to.  But those few extra dollars a week can make a big difference to a low or middle-income family.  And they are the ones who will use those dollars and put it back into our struggling economy.

So please someone tell me who these elected officials are acting in the best interest of and on behalf of all their constituents   And please tell me why we feel that a President who is fighting for the middle class is wrong?

I am not saying that I agree with everything, but hey, he is finally taking a stand, drawing a line in the sand, and playing a little hardball with the Republicans.  It is about time we actually see our government start to do their jobs…what is best for us all, not the small percentage of people who contribute to their campaign coffers.

And just one more little comment…we are 2 YEARS away from the next election…can we forget about the political band-standing/campaigning for a little while and maybe actually do some work????


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