Posted by: Genny Colby | January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

What a wild ride 2012 was for our family!  It was truly a year that threw just about everything at us.   As we start the new year it is always a time for reflection, which is something I think we all need to do a little more.  To stop and really savor the moments, good and bad, that come our way, to look at how the change who we are, the choices we make, and the people and experiences that come into our lives.  But it is also a time for looking forward, to make choices about where you hope to go in the new year.  And that is where I am at today.  So, here is what I hope to accomplish in the new year!

1-To spend more time enjoying time with my family.  To let the laundry pile up, the dishes sit in the dishwasher, the email left unanswered, the Facebook post left unwritten, and get out and enjoy life!  I hope we can spend more time going for walks, enjoying our backyard (weather permitting), go the zoo, the museum, find a new hiking trail, watch the birds, draw with chalk, blow bubbles, and splash in puddles after (or during) the rain.

2-To get back on the treadmill on a regular basis.  Yes, my knee is still a little wonky, but it is not swollen or sore (much) and maybe the regular workout will finish moving anything out-of-place back into place.  I did a fun mud run this fall. This spring I really want to do a full 5k and be able to run the whole thing.  Maybe not all that fast, but run the whole way.  And of course I want to do the fun mud run again because that was a blast!!

3-To continue to make changes to our family diet, to eat out less, cook more, and keep adding more healthy food choices to our daily meal plans.  We actually do a pretty good job, but hey, we can always do better!  And we could stand to eat out a little less…but I do love going to out eat.

4-To stay ahead in my lesson plans and prep for the monkey’s school work.  She is amazing, what can I say!  But no longer can I just go with the flow and adapt on the fly with her.  I need to really spend the time looking at our objectives/goals and create meaningful activities for learning.  She is going to challenge me to stay one step ahead of her!  I think we are at a good spot then she starts sounding out words in our environment (on cereal boxes, magazines  traffic signs and billboards) or just randomly starts telling us what 4+4 is, or that we need two more napkins for the table because there is only one left in the napkin holder.  Yep…momma has to kick into gear now!  But I am excited to do this, excited to be on this journey with her, excited that she is so excited to learn!

5-Finish the monkey’s cross stitch before she turns 5 (I have 11 months!) and work on a few others that are in my plans.  I love doing this, I just have to say “while I watch this program/movie/etc I am going to work on this project”.

6-Spend real-time with the hubby.  Make sure each week we get some solid time to just talk, be together, remember what it is was like (a little) before the addition of our monkey and dragon.

7-Create real-time for ME.  Momma has to remember to take time for herself, not all the time, or even every week, but more often than I do now.  And no, going to the grocery store solo, no matter how nice that is, does not count!

8-Blog more!  I have so many ideas running through my head that I want to get down, share with others, see what others are thinking about.  I am hoping to get on some sort of routine/schedule that can focus my posts a bit more so they are not always so random.  But then again, that is how my mind works..oh shiny!

9-Stay connected with friends and family.  And not just through Facebook and texts, which are nice and handy.  But to call, send a nice long email, or even a hand written note.

10-HAVE FUN!  If I have learned nothing else in 2012, it is that life takes unexpected twists and turns and if you don’t stop and have a little fun, then what does it all see #1 again!

Another day soon I will look back at 2012 and think about all that happened, what we did accomplish, what we struggled with, and what surprised me.  But for today, it is time to look forward to all the new year has to offer and hope that we all can embrace those opportunities just a little bit more this year.

Here is to a great, fun filled, unexpected, and amazing 2013!


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