Posted by: Genny Colby | January 4, 2013

What I am Reading Friday

Welcome to what I do hope becomes a weekly post…what I am reading Friday!

Right now I am reading The Passage  by Justin Cronin.  This is actually a re-read, since I wanted to refresh myself on the story before jumping into the sequel, The Twelve.  I had the first book in hardback that I picked up when it first came out in 2010, but since then I have really gotten into reading on my Nook.  Especially those books that are close to 1000 pages!  And the Nook is so convenient for reading with kids around.  Easy to hold, easy to put down and not lose your place, and easy to read during those middle of the night calls for snuggles and food from the little dragon (though I will admit I don’t often have the energy to read at 2am and just end up snoozing with the little dragon in the chair!).  So, thanks to an awesome hubby who indulges my love of books, I got both The Passage and The Twelve this year for my Nook.

I really enjoyed this book the first time around and I am enjoying it even more the second.  And I super glad I am reading it again, as there are characters and story lines I had not forgotten, but weren’t as clear in my memory and I have a feeling they will play into the next book!

For those who have not read this book, or maybe even heard of it…it is set in the future, though not the far future, maybe about 20 years or so.  A group of scientists, funded by the military, think they have found a way to cure disease and prolong life.  Of course, things do not go as they expect and there are unforeseen side effects…namely yes, it does prolong life, but what it turns the subject into, well, that is open for discussion.  Of course, the subjects find a way to escape the research base (a well fortified, state of the art military base in the mountains of Colorado).  After that, the world changes.  Humans gather in large cities, surrounded by a military guard, but eventually the rivals/flyers/smokes  (some even call them vampires…) find a way in to each and every one.  So they start moving people, mostly kids and younger people, to well fortified facilities.  Then we jump about 100 or so years into the future, so one such facility in norther California to see what life is like in the facility, cut off from the rest of the world, not knowing if they are the last people not infected.

And then there is Amy, a young girl when the story starts out, abandoned by her mother.  Because she has no footprint, no connections, she becomes the final test subject.  Her response to the virus is different…but why?  How does she survive?  Since we do meet her in the future, how has this effected her aging?  And what role will she/does she play in all this?

The second half of the book follows the journey some of those who have lived in the CA colony to find answers.  Answers about Amy, answer about the virals  answers about who, if anyone, is left in the world.

You can also read the summary over at Goodreads here.

This book is the first of planned trilogy, with the second book, The Twelve, having been released in December 2011.

I started this book BEFORE Christmas, and of the 858 Nook pages…I am about half way.  I would like to say by next Friday’s post I will be on to a new book…but let’s not jump the gun here.  We are one week into my new year’s goals and I am still working out balance/schedules.  But who knows, maybe one night I will just give up on sleep and read all night, like I used to before I had kids that required brain function during the day.

Have you read The Passage?  What did you think?

The Passage (The Passage, #1)



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