Posted by: Genny Colby | January 8, 2013

11 Months and counting…

I will just apologize now to all my friends, family, and readers…it is likely going to be a long 11 months as I count down to our DISNEY WORLD TRIP!!!

When we had a little girl in December 2008, I said the hubby, “You know what would be super cool to do for her 5th birthday?  Go to Disney World!”  He kind of laughed, said yes that would be fun, but could we maybe get through the birth first before we start talking about her 5th birthday?  Then we got pregnant with baby #2 and I figured a trip to Disney was just not going to be in the cards when Monkey turned 5.  We talked about maybe going to CA and Disneyland instead, a smaller trip.  But then we talked some more about it and decided why NOT still go to Disney World for her 5th birthday?  Yes, Dragon will just be 1 1/2 and likely not remember much, but he would be old enough to enjoy some of it.  And if stayed on site we would have the flexibility to go back to the room for naps, hop around the parks easily, and really just go at our own pace.  So…we now have hotel booked, dates blocked out, and I am starting to decide which restaurants we want to make reservations for, what attractions we really need to make sure we hit, and trying to get an idea of air fare (though we have some time on that).  I am working with a wonderful travel agent, who helped us narrow down and finally select our hotel choice, gave good tips on the meal plans, will help secure all our dinner and special event reservations (180 days prior to the visit), and will be able to keep her eye open for any deals that our trip may qualify for as they come out from Disney.  Saving me time, energy, and some stress, I hope.

Right now we have not told the Monkey of this upcoming trip because, hey, it is almost a year out.  But I am also hoping that we can keep it a secret until we actually GET there.  Though that does seem unlikely for me…the one who has a terrible time keeping this kind of secret.  I suck at gift giving because I am always so excited about what I picked out I can’t wait to share it with the recipient.

I will also be honest and say that this trip is to celebrate her birthday, but it is also for me, for her daddy, and for her brother.  Though mostly I think it will be for her and me.  I LOVE Disney World.  Growing up we had family who lived about 90 min from Disney World so we would also take a day when we went to visit, but I have never done the big stay on site, park hopper, week filled of Disney fun.  And I have always wanted to do this kind of trip.  So yes, I am SUPER SUPER SUPER excited.  Yep, it is going to be a long 11 months…so just kick me if I get too annoying talking about all the fun things I hope we can add to this trip.  And be prepared for about 2 million photos when we get back!   Then I will start planning/saving for a big family trip for the Dragon’s 5th birthday…I am thinking Alaskan Cruise….



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