Posted by: Genny Colby | January 29, 2013

Books Stores…are they obsolete?

Barnes and Noble recently announced that it would be closing up to a third of their stores over the next 10 years and they are not expected to continue opening stores in the same manner that they have in the past, if at all.  It is a sad thought to think that book stores are fading.  I love going into a book store and just wandering around.  Looking at the books on display, looking for my favorite authors, and finding new ones.  I could (and have) spend hours just wandering around.  And my daughter does love to go pick out books too!

I will admit that I am getting more and more attached to my NOOK (see..I am a Barnes and Noble girl!).  Having so many books at my fingertips no matter where I am is so nice.  It is so much easier to just carry around the NOOK and read a little bit when ever I have a free moment with two active kids.  No worry about what  page I am on, finding a book mark, or having a little one grabbing at pages.  And it is so easy to read at night without bothering anyone else.  So yes, I am a little at fault for the decline in store sales since I am buying more and more e-books.

But it is not me alone.  Because I do buy books, especially for my kids.  And I am going to be honest, it is significantly cheaper to buy books on-line and with our Barnes and Noble membership, free shipping.  While it is not the book sellers fault, paying $20 for a children’s book (hardcover) or even $8 for a paperback is kind of ridiculous.  This fault lies mostly with the publisher, who generally sets the price.  That is as expensive, sometimes more, than one of my books!  So when you get the same book for 20-30% less on-line, that is usually a better option, especially when purchasing a number of books.  When I mentioned this once at the store, the response was “with online sales there is less overhead”. Which is true, but it sure does not bring me into the store to shop much.  Especially when the majority of books I am buying at this point are for the kids.  And even my books are cheaper to buy online, with free shipping.  But then again, eBooks have immediate delivery, less storage issues (because I love books and I am running out of space for all my books, the hubby’s books, and books for two kids!).

And if Barnes and Noble, one of the biggest book sellers, is having this trouble, it is likely that other smaller, independent book stores are also facing the same issues.  It saddens me though that book stores are closing.  I am looking forward wandering around, helping my kids find new books, new authors, new places to take their imaginations.  Yes we can and will still utilize the library, but sometimes a nice book is a great reward!  And it is where I spent a great deal of my own money as a kid/young adult.


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