Posted by: Genny Colby | January 31, 2013

A Whole New World…

Today was the day…I ignored the butterflies in my stomach, pushed aside the worries of “what if” and bravely walked in to the office for my LASIK eye surgery.  To say I was nervous, well that would be an understatement.  But I think it was the unknown that was the scariest part.  You can read all the info out there (and I did) but reading about the procedure and going through it are two totally different things.

So, how was it?  It was easy, weird, and super quick.  The dentist is worse!  You spend more time doing the paperwork and prep than the actual procedure itself.  And they give you a sedative, which is nice 🙂 and numbing eye drops.  Once the sedative has time to take effect, they move you into the procedure room and set to go.

You lie down on the exam bed, they offer you a blanket (which, always being cold, plus nervous, I gladly accepted).  Once you all set, the doctor comes in and it gets started.  The eye they are not working on is covered and they prep the other eye.  The prep part is kind of weird feeling..they tape your eye lashes up and down (out of the way) and put in something to hold your eyes open..because the need to blink is going to be ever present!  Then it is time to start…pressure to the bones around your eye…vision goes a black in that eye.  That sounds kind of scary.  And I would be lying if it hadn’t freaked me out before..but it is kind of like when you rub your eyes hard and have the moment of blackness as your eye refocuses.  This is when they make the flap…and you can hear the assistant counting down until the flap is created (15 seconds).  Then you can see again out of that eye and you focus on the green flashing light while they work.  Your vision sort of goes in and out of blurriness, The oddest part is towards the end when the doctor uses a suction thing to clean up the extra moisture (lots of water/liquid is a part of the whole procedure).  Then they switch eyes and do the whole thing over on the other.  Then the next thing you know, your are done!  And it is less than 15 minutes from the time you walked into the room.

Yes, there is a slight burning smell while the laser is in use, but honestly to me it reminded me of the smell at the dentist, with the drill.  And it is such a short duration that I barely noticed it.

Vision at first is a little blurry…but not blurry in the “I can’t see, I need my glasses” kind of way, more like opening your eyes underwater.  Then they send you home…to SLEEP!  Is there anything better than being told to go home and take a 4 hour nap?   It was glorious!  Then I woke up…and I COULD SEE!  No blurry vision as I groped for my glasses, or blinking until my dry contacts re-moisten.  I could just see!  What an amazing sensation.  I have worn glasses and/or contacts for so long I have not had this experience in forever.  And it is amazing!

After care is pretty easy, as it only involves eye drops every two – four hours, plus artificial tears every 30 min, but hey, that is easy and only for the next week or so.  Dry eyes can last for awhile, so having eye drops on hand is recommended for the next month or so.  And sensitivity to light, which in sunny Colorado just means I need to find me some snazzy new sunglasses (and not lose them!)

They also give you these really sexy goggles to wear while you sleep…so you don’t rub your eyes.  But you only have to wear those for 3 nights.  My daughter thinks they are hilarious.

Follow up care includes a post op the day after, at one week, one month, and 6 months.  If there is any change in your vision in the first 3 months, they do a refinement procedure.  Refinements can occur at anytime down the road if your vision does change.  Whether you pay for it or not depends on the package you select.

I was super nervous before the procedure.  I was not sure what to expect, how it would go.  But I am so glad I went through with it.  It is awesome to just be able to see!  No glasses affecting my peripheral vision, no dry contacts, no contacts slipping out of place, and I am actually really looking forward to seeing when the little man wakes up in the middle of the night.  Maybe I can sneak in a few extra reading minutes now.

I am still amazed at how easy, how quickly it all went, How painless it truly was, and how I can see without any assistance.  I am grateful to the hubby for making this happen, for encouraging me to have it done, and taking the day off and keeping the kids entertained so I could sleep.

But I won’t lie…the vision part is great…but I LOVED the nap!


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