Posted by: Genny Colby | February 17, 2013

What I am Reading Friday…err Sunday!

This past week was a good week..I actually started AND finished a book!  

I was able to read Blackberry Winter from start to finish in 3 days!  This is our book clubs selection for February.  It is probably not a book I would have selected on my own, but I enjoyed it.  While not a highly original concept, the story line and main characters were enough to keep me engaged.  It is not a difficult book to read, or story to follow, which explains how I could finish it during our “snow day” last weekend while we hung out at home, watched movies, and basically were just lazy.  My only real complaint was that it seemed to introduce secondary characters/story lines that just kind of got dropped.  Would Claire and Dominic develop more than just a friendship?  What was REALLY going on between Ethan and Cassandra?  What was Dominic’s story…it was kind of eluded too, but not really flushed out.  These kind of “distractions” bother.  Don’t introduce a character or a story line if you are not going to finish it.  Don’t throw a “road block” into the main couple (which to be honest, I was not sure until the very end if we were supposed to root for Claire and Ethan or not) and then just let it drop and the characters fade away.  What happened to Cassandra? And for those characters that are set in the 1930’s, there was really little or no development of them.  Really, Charles would just let Vera walk away and not reach out to her again and again?  One drive down the road calling for her was it?   But over all, it was a nice read, an enjoyable little mystery, but don’t really try to figure out the romance aspect of it.

I finished Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone  by JK Rowling.  I do love these books!  Though I was thinking about the first time I read them…and how I imagined the characters, the setting, the magic.  And how magical the books really are in and of themselves.  Then came the movies, which are wonderful and magical in themselves.  I love that the movies make a great companion to the books.  Yes, they stand alone, but really they are a wonderful tie in with the books.  For the most part they did a great job (don’t get me started on the 3rd movie for The Prisoner of Azkaban).  But now that I seen the movies so many times, those images are part of my reading experience, as are the actors and their voices.  Good thing they did a bang up job casting!!

So this week I started Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JK Rowling.  This one is my least favorite of the series, as find the story itself the weakest when a stand alone.   When you look at the series as a whole it is really fits in, holds lots of clues for what is to come, but as a story itself, I don’t find it the best one of the seven.  But I am still enjoying it, finding all those little pieces that once you know the ending, you see as more important, as a bigger part of the whole.

I also started A Map of Time by Felix Palma.  I had originally checked this one out from the library, but after reading about 50 pages decided this is likely one that the hubby would like, so I got it for our Nook.  And returned it to the library.  Due to a few more library books that are coming up available, that have wait lists, this one is going to wait a little now that I own it, until I have time to really enjoy it.

The last book of the week is Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick.  This is the final book in the Hush, Hush series.  A story about fallen angels who for one week a year can take over the bodies of the Nephilim.  This of course pisses off the Nephilim as they have no say, no recourse, and the fallen angels can pretty do much what ever they want during this time.  So, a war is brewing.  And as these stories go, Nora, our lead female character, is now the leader of the Nephilim rebellion and must keep the fact that she is in love with Patch, a fallen angel, a secret.  Nora and Patch must find some way to stop this war from happening…  Maybe it has been too long since I read the other books in this series, or maybe I have just read too much of this kind of book lately, but I finding myself saying “so what?”  “Why do I care what happens to either of these two?”  The writing is okay, not stellar, but not the worst I have read.  But it all kind of feels flat/two-dimensional in a been there, seen that before kind of way.  So, hopefully I can finish this book and put the series behind me.  But who knows…I may just say “I know they will solve the problem and live happily ever after” and call it a day and move on to another book in the stack.  We shall see.

And there is a question for you readers…why is it that we can always count on the happily ever after? Does that change our reading experience when we know that the two main characters love/relationship may be tested but will ultimately survive ?

Well, happy reading this week!  Leave a comment and let me know what you are reading this week…maybe it will spark my mind and I will just put Finale done for something more suspenseful and different!



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