Posted by: Genny Colby | March 2, 2013


it always amazes me how dependent we (I) have become on technology…and then it breaks and we are left wondering what to do.  This has been my issue this week…as my computer had decided to conk out.  And left me wondering what I needed to do…and realizing how much time I do spend on this thing. 

I also realized I would need to tell the hubby that my computer was in need of his magic..which also meant that a small “discussion” about the sites I visit, the security precautions that I should be using, and all evils of the internet.  

While my computer was down for the count I was using the hubby’s suped up gaming machine.  Which of course has all those security precautions in place.  So I opted not to do as much on the computer this past week, just in case I would do something bad to his computer!  I surly did not want that “discussion”, LOL!

Now I have my computer back, running well, and with a few more security precautions in place.  I better keep them working too…because at some point the hubby is not going to be so happy about fixing my computer…AGAIN!

I did realize though that I can go 5 days without my computer…but I don’t get a lot done for school planning/prep!  But I did get more reading done 🙂  I also have a number of ideas of blog posts…now to just find time to write them all.

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