Posted by: Genny Colby | March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  Another holiday where I have spent the week planning/prepping/shopping.   And then today I will spend most of the day prepping/cooking/serving/cleaning. They always seemed much less work when I was a kid…

Holidays are awesome, really.  I love making them special for my kids and the hubby.  I love the little surprises I can hide for them to find. I love seeing them enjoy favorite foods, new toys, time together.  But I really hate spending what feels like 90% of the day in the kitchen.  So that’s it…next year for Easter we are ordering pizza, or Chinese, or something.  I don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen. I want to play outside, take a nap, eat chocolate.  And since Easter is honestly not a holiday that means much more to our family than the chocolate and eggs…this seems like a good one to protest the idea that I must make a big fancy dinner for the holiday.  Christmas?  Check-it is always lasagna-easy and yummy!  Thanksgiving? Check-I love making this meal!  But Easter?  I think I will pass from now on.  (Might also be because I always make ham and really I don’t like ham…)

I hope that all who do celebrate Easter in any form have a wonderfully happy day.  May you find the peace, joy, and love that this holiday brings.  And if you don’t celebrate the holiday, I hope you can at least enjoy society’s excuse to eat a little extra chocolate before swim suit season 🙂  Me?  I am going to go watch my little monkey start a silly string war with her daddy…and eat some chocolate…and cook the ham.


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