Posted by: Genny Colby | April 11, 2013


We have too much of it.  Really.  Or at least I think we do.  I am not sure the hubby or the monkey would agree, but we do.  When we moved, we “upgraded” our house, giving us more space.  And at first I thought “what are we going to fill all that space with??”  Then we started unpacking  boxes…and buying more stuff…and having a second kid…and here we are, with a house full of “stuff”again.  Now some of this stuff is necessary, like clothes, books, furniture, dishes, etc.  But then there is just lots of extra “stuff” that does not seem to have a purpose.  Or a home.  It seems that there is always at least one pile of just things that need to be sorted/put away. Usually I can handle this, knowing that this is life and life is messy.  Then I hit times like now when I am just want to purge all this stuff out of my house.  And the poor hubby just about has a heart attack!  I know some people enjoy having things.  And I am not saying I don,, but with two young kids and all that comes with them, the idea of a lot of other little trinkets for me is just overwhelming.  I like order, I like things all to have a home, I like to look around and see everything neat and tidy.  When things get too chaotic, there are too many things out and about, too many things that I don’t think have an appropriate home…I start to get antsy.  And then I can’t focus long enough on any one project to finish it..a little OCD combined with ADD…not a great combo!!

I do really feel for the poor hubby…because he does like to collect stuff.  A lot has meaning to him, or that he simply enjoys having around.  Unfortunately, when I get in one of these super “There is too much stuff/clutter in my life” modes, I usually start to look at his stuff.  Which to be honest, is not exactly fair.  I would look to the kids, but really, they need more stuff than we do and I have already purged as much as I can right now…I do try to look more at my stuff and just general stuff around the house.

So, here I am in “must declutter!  must get rid of stuff!” mode and I am trying very hard not to just say “it all has to go!” but to find ways to make things less chaotic for me, but still allow him to have those things that he enjoys.  This is a tough balance here…being married.  (And he comes from a long like of Pack Rats…and has certain tendencies himself that I know he struggles to overcome for me.)

I do love reading all those magazines, blogs, articles on ways to make your house less clutter filled and more organized.  And there are some GREAT ideas…so let’s see what I can come up with today 🙂  How do you handle clutter? Or do you not have any?  (and if so, then I just might hate you!)



  1. I too hate clutter so much! But…right now our house is on the market (obviously outgrowing it) and I miss a little clutter. My life involves packing up my three and the one I nanny as well as our dog every day and staging the house as we leave. I honestly think its the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I want our STUFF back, as crazy as that sounds, even writing it feels weird. Anyway, just another perspective…..wanting stuff 🙂

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