Posted by: Genny Colby | May 3, 2013

What I am Reading Friday

It seems I have hit a bit of a slump in my reading.  It is hard, I have so many books on my to read pile and yet I sometimes struggle to find time to read.  And it sucks, because I LOVE to read!  But life is busy.  It seems every time I think the two of them are playing nicely and I am caught up enough on things around the house that I can sneak in a few minutes to read…something happens.  A diaper needs changing, someone falls down and bonks his head, a doll needs her clothes put back on (really, can someone explain to me why all the doll/figures have to be naked?  And why can’t they make these things easier for little hands to dress on their own!!), or someone wants me to read them a book.  And I rarely say no to reading my kids a book!  With the nicer weather FINALLY making an appearance, I am itching to get outside and work in the yard, go for walks, visit the park, the zoo, find some new trails to explore.  But, I will keep trying to sneak in those times because I do love getting lost in a good book!

So, what did I read this week?  Well, I finished The Map of Time by Felix Palma.  I really did enjoy this book!  It stated off a bit slow…a little too much time with Andrew and his love life.  I know that in some ways the author was setting the stage, introducing the world into which we were stepping.  But it seemed that in the scope of this book, a little less of Andrew and his romantic dilemma would not have changed the over all story flow.  It was also hard because the author uses an interesting narrative device, in that there IS a narrator,  who has a presence, a voice of his own.  In this first part it felt like the narrator was still finding his balance as well.  I found the use of the narrator to be much less distracting and obvious as the story progressed.  By the time the second section started I was pretty hooked. I wanted to find out more, how all these stories were going to connect and if in fact they really could travel through and about time.  There are a few twists and turns along the way.  Many, while not out-of-place, were not obvious.  This was nice as there is nothing worse than a “twist” that you saw coming all the way back at page 1!  I am excited to see what comes next in the second book, which is out here in the US in June.

I also returned to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  I have not gotten as far as I would have hoped, but I have been enjoying some TV catch up with the hubby.

This week I picked up a new (to me) Mary Higgins Clark book at the library, I’ll Walk Alone.  I really enjoy her mysteries.  They are a nice, quick, light read.  A good book to pick up when you want to sit out in the sun and enjoy the weather, or can read for just a few minutes between calls of “MOMMY, I NEED YOU!”.

I keep looking at my to read list/pile and I am really itching to make may through some of these books….besides what I am currently reading, the top of my list (in no particular order) contains:

The Mortal Instruments Series and Infernal Devices Series by Cassandra Clare (re-read)

The Host by Stephanie Meyer  (re-read)

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

Behind the Beautiful Forevers by Katherine Boo

The Game of Throne Series by George R.R. Martin

So, what are you reading?  What is on your “I want to read next/now”  list?  Anything I should add to mine??

Happy Reading!

I'll Walk Alone


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