Posted by: Genny Colby | May 10, 2013

What I am Reading Friday

So this week the hubby and I have found Arrested Development on Netflix streaming…yeah, there went a lot of my reading time!

But, I did finish I’ll Walk Alone by Mary Higgins Clark.  I have not read one of her books in a while and I forgot how much I do truly enjoy them!  They are not a difficult read by any means (I read it less than 2 days!) but they are fun, engaging, and light.  Sometimes you just a little “Doritos for the mind”!  Her mysteries always grab you, I think because she creates compelling main characters, those that you connect with in some way, that you root for, that you want to overcome the odds/obstacles she has put in the way.  This one is no different.  Zan is an upcoming and coming designer, who in many ways is trying outshine her former boss, who was a real piece of work.  When the story opens, it is the 5th birthday of her young son, who was taken from the park 3 years ago.  Zan still holds hope that he will come home safely.  But as the anniversary arrives, new photos come to light showing what appears to be Zan taking her sleeping child from the park.  So the search is on to find out who actually took young Matthew, where is he, and who would go to such lengths to frame the mother.  The story moves quickly, keeping the reader in engaged.  Along the way some secondary characters appear, and while they are less well-defined, they play their role in the story and don’t overly distract from the flow of  the book.  There are a few twists and turns and by the end you can see where the conclusion will be, but it is not obvious from page one.  All in all, I really enjoyed taking a break and enjoying a new to me Mary Higgins Clark.  In fact, so much I have two more on request at the library.  There is also something satisfying to me to finishing a book in 2 days again!

I am so close to finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.  Since my treadmill time recently has been next to nil…yes I know, gotta get back on the “horse”!  And we have been sucked into the above mentioned program…I have to be satisfied with sneaking in a few minutes here and there when the kiddos allow me to during the week.  But as I much as I want to finish, because man is the one of the best endings to a series yet, I also know it means I am once again leaving the world of Harry Potter and friends.  And that is just kind of sad to me.  But I know I will return again…and again…and again.

I am also excited because waiting for me now at the library are Heat Rises and Frozen Heat by Richard Castle.  These are the books that tie in to the amazing Nathan Fillion’s television series Castle.  Yeah…fluffy detective stories.  I can’t wait!!  Along with a massive to read list on Goodreads, in my library, on the stack of books by my bed…I am really not a loss for things to read, just have to decide what kind of mood I am in.

Happy Friday and may the weekend bring you some time to get lost in a good book!

Heat Rises (Nikki Heat, #3)   Frozen Heat (Nikki Heat, #4)



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