Posted by: Genny Colby | June 7, 2013

What I am Reading Friday

Ah, another week done, with a quiet weekend ahead with lots of time to soak up some sun and enjoy a good book….or so I wish!  With two kids, swimming lessons, house projects, and a husband, well, I am lucky to snag a quick 20 minutes at time while I put the dragon to bed or while the monkey watches her new obsession, Justice League.  Though, to be fair, if I could put down Candy Crush I may have more time to read too.  Man is that game addictive!!!

Since I missed last week due to my Comic Con adventures, this is a 2-for-1 wrap up!

I finished Nora Robert’s Savor the Moment and Happily Ever After of the Bride Quartet series.  I really enjoyed reading these books again.  It was just what I needed at the time.  A little romance, a little fluff, and a nice, easy, fun read.  Are these great literature?  No, but they are fun, easy, enjoyable, and every once in a while we just need to have some fluff.  Better than eating a whole box of chocolate or bag of potato chips!

This week I went back to Stephenie Meyer’s The Host on my Nook.  I had originally planned to re-read this book and then go see the movie.  Guess I will be seeing the movie on DVD, which is fine.  I do really enjoy this story though.  SO different from Twilight and honestly, better written.  Here is where you see a how much an author benefits from a strong editor.  The story is intriguing…an alien race has selected Earth for their next colonization (for lack of a better word).  This race, or “souls” as they are referred to on Earth are peaceful, kind, and gentle.  They don’t see what they do as invasion, or genocide, but rather saving the planet from a race of natives who are full of hate, destruction, and selfishness.  Our story starts out towards the end of the process, the aliens have pretty much taken over the human population.  The alien is inserted into the human host and essentially takes over the body, life, and memories of the host.  It is implied that the host “dies”. Which then leads to discussion about what makes us human…and what exactly is the soul.  Our main character is Wanderer. She gets her name as she has been implanted on 7 different worlds, prior to Earth, and has been on their home world as well.  She is implanted into Melanie, part of a small, yet persistent resistance.  The goal is to allow Wanderer to take over the host, access the memories to provide much-needed data to the Seekers to eliminate the last vestiges of the human resistance.  Of course, Melanie is not willing to just fade away and the two find themselves sharing Melanie’s body, mind, and emotions.  Through this connection, Wanderer starts to see that maybe her people’s methods are not all that humane.  That the body is not just a shell, their’s for the taking.   This is the first of a proposed trilogy and it is rumored that Ms Meyer is already working on the second in the series. I am excited to read this next series and hope that it delves more into the history and origin of the aliens.  It is has been a long time since I read this one (at least 4 years) and I am excited to get back into this story.

I also picked up Orson Scott Card’s Pathfinder.  I enjoyed his Ender’s series a great deal (lent to me by an awesome friend who said YOU MUST READ THESE!).  I like his style, I like his storytelling.  I may not like some of his political viewpoints (as brought to light with the filming for the Ender’s Game movie) but I don’t have to like him as a person to enjoy his books.  As long as he sticks to science fiction and leaves the politics out, he and I will be good.  I got to read the first couple pages at the library today and I intrigued where the story is going to go.  Our main character here  is Rigg, a young man who can see paths.  Literally, he can see the path that an animal, human, etc leave behind.  Making him super helpful to his father and the trapping business they are in.  His father also finds it very important to ensure a well-rounded, full education on young Rigg, who like many young adults does not see the need to learn about things that have no baring on his current situation.  Rigg will soon learn that his talent, which his father has kept a secret from others, is just a small part of the many secrets his father holds, along with his past and Rigg’s future.  Choices are will soon be upon him and those that he makes will have lasting impacts on the world around him.

So lots to read, as usual!  But maybe I will find the will power to put down Candy Crush and just sit back and read a book instead.   What are you reading now?

The Host (The Host, #1)

I like this cover image much better than the movie tie in…

Pathfinder (Pathfinder, #1)




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