Posted by: Genny Colby | June 9, 2013

The Next Doctor…

As to be expected, ever since Matt Smith announced that he would be leaving the role of “Doctor” on Doctor Who at the end of this year’s Christmas Special, the speculation starteds running rampant on who should/could/will be the next Doctor.  Most fans of Doctor Who have “their” fave Doctor.  And all fans are passionate about this role and are very cautious about who should step up to fill these shoes.  The rumor is full of guesses, supposed intel from someone “in the know”, and wild speculation.  There is also very passionate responses to each of these suggestions and rumors.  All we can really do is wait for the official announcement.

As I have discussed, I came into the Doctor Who fandom with the reboot and Christopher Eccleston.  Oh, my was he an awesome Doctor to jump into this wild crazy world of time travel, big adventures, and fun.  He was witty, clever, lonely, and reserved.   I was so sad when I heard that he would be leaving after just one season (series in England).  I was not sure that I would or could love another actor in this role.

Then David Tennant took over…and well, I was hooked.  He IS my Doctor.  There was something that he brought to the role…a playful yet sad, adventurous yet weary, loving yet distant Doctor.  For me, it just clicked.  It does not mean that I don’t still love Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor, because I do.  I just connected with the story, the adventures, the relationships, of David Tennant’s Doctor.  Then David Tennant announced he was leaving…well, I was just not sure that there COULD be a Doctor without him.  Then I remembered that I had said the same thing when Christopher Eccleston left and that worked out pretty well!  So, with great sadness I said good-bye to David Tennant as the Doctor and kept an open mind about Matt Smith.

Matt Smith, again, brought something totally new to the Doctor.  He is quirky, spontaneous, a little reckless, and fish-and-custard.  It really is a key part of what keeps these stories going, that each actor brings something new to the character.  Adds more layers, more depth, just more to this amazing character.  The stories that they can tell are different with each actor, each Doctor.  The companions have different connections, relationships.  And we all get to grow along with the Doctor.   I have enjoyed Matt Smith in the role.   He will not replace David Tennant as MY Doctor, but I have really enjoyed his journey.

So now we wait for the official announcement on who the 12th Doctor shall be.  I honestly have no real favorite choice, or idea of who this should be, though I have a few “wish list” criteria.

First, I do think it should be a man.  Not because I don’t think that a woman could play a role like this just as well, but because it just does not seem to fit for me that a woman would play THIS role.

Second, the actor should be British…or at least not American (I am sorry…American TV ruined Torchwood…BBC needs to take that back and fix it and I don’t really want us touching Doctor Who!).

Third, I would prefer someone who is not super well-known.  I don’t want to struggle to see an actor who has been iconic in another role as the Doctor.  Who ever the actor is needs to “blend into” this role, find his own identity as the Doctor.  I think that would be more challenging and distracting if he was already so associated with another role.  While I think Rupert Grint would be amazing in a role like this…this is not the one for him.

Fourth, I would like to see someone who can take the role in a new direction, so I don’t care if he is older, younger, or the same age as Matt Smith.  The charm of this character is he can become ANY thing when he regenerates.  It is what the actor and the writers do to make this new version of the Doctor awesome.

Fifth, I would love to see more Captain Jack and River Song! Okay, that has nothing to do with who the actor chosen is, but still, I would love to see more of them.


Until then, we shall countdown the days until David Tennent (and Billie Piper) return to Doctor Who with Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman for the 50th Anniversary special.  And prepare some tissues when it is time to say good-bye to Matt Smith and welcome the new Doctor.

(image from digital spy)

David Tennant: 2005 - 2010  (image from


P.S. One day soon I shall write about the many different companions that have journeyed with the Doctor…surprise…I have opinions here too!



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