Posted by: Genny Colby | July 5, 2013

Love is Love is Love

Things have been a little quiet here lately.  Lots of reasons for that, but this week, I have been thinking about what I want to write about and if I care if I insult anyone.  But then I decided this is my blog to document my opinions and if you don’t like them…well, don’t read it I guess.

Last week was a pretty monumental week with the Supreme Court striking down DOMA and allowing same-sex married couples the same federal benefits as heterosexual married couples.  And then CA Prop 8 was overturned, allowing same-sex marriages in California.   This is a huge step forward in recognizing that love is love, who you love is your business, and that religious beliefs do not have a place in our laws.  We still have a long way to go, as these rulings are awesome for couples in CA, and for states that currently allow same-sex marriage.  We still have a long fight to make sure that every state allows all residents the same rights and benefits.  But this is still a major victory!  It paves the road to bring equal rights to all the states.

Of course, there are those that are extremely upset about these rulings.  But here’s the deal…unless you are in a same-sex relationship…these rulings really have nothing to do with you.  They don’t change anything in your life at all.  Your marriage is still your marriage, you still have your rights and benefits of being a married couple, and you are still entitled to your (prejudicial, discriminatory) beliefs that all humans do not deserve the same rights and benefits.  If you don’t believe me, check out this article from   A 30 Second Guide to How the Gay Marriage Ruling Affects You

I am not saying anyone has to believe in same-sex marriage.  I am just saying, who are any of us to say who someone else can or can not love.  How does it affect our lives?  How does it change anything in our ow lives when two people WE DO NOT KNOW decide to make a legal commitment to one another?  Or maybe we do know them.  Then I would hope we want our friends, whom you obviously like and care for, to have the same rights and benefits and protections under the law.  And if we don’t…why not?

Because one may believe that homosexuality is a sin?  That is a belief.  And what each of us believes is ours, we own our beliefs.  Maybe you have a deep religious faith and belief system.  Maybe you are more of a spiritual person, without a religious connection.  Maybe you don’t have any real belief system and you go where the wind takes you.  What ever it is, it is yours.  Religion, beliefs, spiritual enlightenment.  What ever you want to call it, it is yours.  It is, in my opinion, a deeply personal aspect of life.  Where you find what ever it is you’re looking for, be it a community to connect with, a guide to how to live your life, a personal sense of belonging, making sense of where you fit into this great big universe we all live it…what ever it is that draws you, it is yours.  Religion, beliefs, spirituality, or the lack there of for some, it has to meet your needs.

The flip side of this is accepting that what you need, what you get from what ever avenue you chose, is not the same as what someone else needs/is looking for in life.  We should be to the point in our society where we can accept that others have a different path that they are on, and be okay.  The need to dictate how others live their lives based on one groups beliefs/rules/guidelines/what ever you want to call it, is narrow-minded at best and discriminatory at the core.  Accepting others for who they are, respecting that each of us has our own choices to make in life, and ensuring that every human has the same rights is just a basic sense of humanity.  You don’t have to agree with the choices others make, you don’t have to like them, but unless they DIRECTLY influence your life in a real, tangible way, you really get no say.  Not everyone is interested or feels the need for someone to swoop in and “save their moral soul”.  Really, none of us know what comes after this life, but what ever it is has been doing this a heck of a lot longer than any of us on the planet.  Let’s leave the moral judgment to what ever comes next.  Should we not all just try to live our own lives in the best possible way?  Do we think that by judging, discriminating, vilifying others  is what is going to look good on our own record?  Wouldn’t it really be better to focus on ourselves and leave the rest of the world to make their own choices?  Why do we worry about what others are doing so much and forget to make the best choices in our own lives?

Love is love is love and it really should be celebrated.

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