Posted by: Genny Colby | July 23, 2013

20 years…really?


JMM reunionThis summer is my 20th High School Reunion…yep, I am THAT old!  Though I have to admit I don’t feel that old.  Not really sure how old I “feel”, I think it depends on the day.  And how well the kids slept that night before!

The hubby and I talked about going to one of them (he is a graduate from our “rival” high school and their reunion is the week or two after mine), but it meant a trip back to WI in July this summer…which had not been in the original game plan (or budget).   And there are some logistics to consider…like having two kids and a hubby who is not the most social of a person on a good day, let alone with a bunch of people he has never met.

It would be nice to see some of those friends I have lost touch with, or have reconnected via Facebook with in person.  But this summer was one of completely redoing our backyard.  Now I have to find time to really enjoy it.  And we do have this other BIG trip coming up in December….

It has made me think though of all that has happened in the past 20 years…college, kids, a move cross-country that I NEVER thought I would do (I love living in Madison), career changes…becoming a “real” adult, not just what I thought it meant to be an adult at 18.  Man, we really didn’t know a thing did we?

So to the JMM Spartans, Class of 1993, have a most wonderful time.  I shall think of you all as I sit and enjoy my mountain view, in my newly re-landscaped yard.  But if you are ever in the Denver area…I would be happy to share my view with you.

I am not sure where all my pictures are, most likely in a box in storage with all my moms stuff from two cross-country moves, but I will leave you these, a few that I do have from my High School Days…(and no, that is not the hubby in the pics)



Senior Pics…by this point I had pretty much left the blue eye shadow behind…thank heavens!


Senior Prom…the first and LAST time I wore a strapless dress!


Graduation Day!!!


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