Posted by: Genny Colby | August 18, 2013

Behind the 8-Ball…

Or at least is how I feel lately!  My list of things I need and want to accomplish is amazingly long, which in and of itself is not that unusual, but my lack of progress is a little bit.  This has just been a busy summer.  Even though I have tried to slow us down, make sure we have days at home, that we are not always running out to be somewhere.  

We did finally get our backyard finished and it turned out so well…even better then we had hoped.  With that complete and the play set in place, we have spent a great deal of time outside.  While my 4 yr old daughter can go out by herself, her little brother who is just 14 months can not and always wants to go out with her.  So we have been spending a lot of time outside.  And you know what…I am not going to complain.  Playing outside with my kids is what summer is all about!

But now it is time to buckle down, get things done, and get ready for fall and change. We are going to continue homeschooling, starting kindergarten with my daughter. I am so excited to see how the year plays out.  I have a pretty good handle on the overall flow of the year, the goals we have for her.  I just have a lot of prep work to get done, lessons plans to write up, and work on some good ideas to keep the dragon busy and entertained while his sister works on her school work.  Right now he loves to climb on her work table and steal her markers…yeah, that won’t work for much longer (not that is really working now!).  But I know we will work it out…and I need to work a little more to let go of my “classroom teacher” mentality. But that is a discussion for a later day…

As fall approaches, I am also starting to think about what other changes to our routine, our schedules, our days that we could and should be making.  School will be a bigger priority this year. making sure we get our time in every day.  Monkey will be taking swimming lessons, gymnastics, and ballet.  Dragon will be taking gymnastics (parent/tot).  So then I have to figure out when and how and how often to schedule more social events.  And still balance quiet time at home, nap time for the dragon, and time for me to get things done around the house.  I really would like it so that our weeks are full, fun, and varied, but also that there is time to get things done on my lists so that we can truly enjoy our weekends as a family. 

So, now I have two weeks before we start school and then hopefully life will fall back into a more dependable pattern.  And I can get back to a few things for me…like reading (yes, I have been reading!), craft projects, and blogging.  

But right now I just feel like I am behind the 8-ball…but that’s life sometimes right?



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