Posted by: Genny Colby | September 21, 2013

Fall means…BAKING time!

I have been, again, very MIA on this blog.  It is not for lack of desire or idea, but because life is, well, life.   And while I can’t promise I will be better, I do want to be better about writing.  So….here goes!

Fall is my fave season of the year…warm days to play outside, explore the world, just have fun being outside without dripping in sweat.  Cool evenings perfect for walks, bike rides, and roasting marshmallows around the fire.  Baking season.  And we are actually starting to see some of this!  Gone are the 90 degree days, cooler mornings when the air is crisp and clear is upon us.  Afternoon trips to the park do not result in heat stroke.  And it is so nice to curl up at night under the blankets with the windows cracked.

I enjoy cooking, I like putting a nice, healthy meal on the table for my family.  I enjoy sharing this time with my family, talking about our days.  In the summer, I will admit, I am a bit of a slacker on cooking.  We go with simple, tried and true meals, ones that maybe we can do on the grill, or at least do not require the oven.  But now we are into fall and the idea of cooking, dusting off the crock pot, and wasting time on Pintrest looking for yummy recipes is here.  My goal, again, is to try at least one new recipe a week.  And if I can get my act in gear, I will try to start doing some reviews of what worked, what didn’t, what the kids devoured and what they wouldn’t touch because it didn’t “look yummy” (yep, that is the new deciding factor with the 4, almost 5, year old)

But really, I love baking!  I love the smells, the warmth, the yummy goodness of knowing something delicious is waiting, usually with chocolate!  So it is with great joy that I begin to outline what I want to bake this fall.  My goal is to do more baking and cooking, doubling up when appropriate so that I can stock our freezer for those cold and snowy days that I know are coming.  And if we believe the Farmer’s Almanac predictions…we are in for a colder and snowy winter.  Hmm…maybe we can get one or two good snow storms that closes things down for a few days.  Then we can sit back, watch it snow, bake some yummy treats and not worry about dinner, as it is waiting in the freezer!

Right now in my “want to make immediately” include pumpkin snicker-doodle cookies, pumpkin pudding cookies, pumpkin granola bars (this will be my first attempt at granola bars!), and pretzels.  Of course, I have my favorites too of pumpkin gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies (always a HUGE hit at our house).  This year my daughter also wants to make pumpkin pie and apple sauce.  Oh, and pickles.

I am always looking for new recipes, new treats to make, new dinners to try.  So, what are your favorite recipes to bake?  What meals do you make and stick in your freezer for a snowy day?  Any tips for this mom who is  relatively new to the whole “freezer cooking” concept?



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