Posted by: Genny Colby | January 4, 2014

What I’m Reading…

Well, this isn’t coming in on Friday, but at least I am getting it done!
This week I finished Pawn by Aimee Carter.  I started this one right after Christmas, but finished in 2014, so I am counting that in my goal of 65 books this year!  This one has an interesting premise…70+ years ago, when the population was overwhelming resources, crime rates were sky rocketing, and there was a collapse of society in general, the Hart family came into power and changed society.  Now, families could have one child, unless they could afford the fees of a second.  When each member of society turned 17 they were given “the test” that assess their ability to contribute to society in some way.  Those who scored IV or higher were pretty much guaranteed a decent life, with a home, enough food, decent job.  Those who scored III were still promised a home, basics, and job, though the quality of these were questionable.  Those who scored lower were often sent “Elsewhere”.  The Hart family are distinguished with VII, though they are never tested.

The story starts out on Kitty’s testing day…where she has received a III.  She is feeling down, desperate, and not sure what to do next.  Her boyfriend, Benji, is sure to score higher and she does not want to hold him back.  She makes a choice to take control of her life, but the choices she makes are difficult.  Until she is made an offer she can’t refuse..she is offered the chance to become a VII.  All she has to do is take on the identity of the beloved Hart daughter Lila, who has “died” in a skiing accident.  Given little choice but to agree, Kitty soon learns that there is more to the Hart family and to Lila than meets the eye.  Lila it seems, along with her mother and finance are part of the underground resistance, fighting to change the way of life that they all know with tests and scores.  She quickly realizes that unless she starts to make her own choices she will just be the pawn of one side or the other.

It has an interesting premise, though the writing is uneven, the rebellion is not really visualized, and the characters are all pretty cookie cutter.  There was not really a redeeming factor to any of them, including Kitty, though I think the author really does try to make you like her, to feel for her, to want to be on her side.  But she comes across as wishy-washy and at times, just plain annoying.  There are a few “twists” and “turns” but to be honest, none of them were very twisty or surprising.  At times I felt like this author had read a lot of dystopian future literature and had her list of what things she needed to include and was just sort of ticking them off her list.

Over all, this was an okay book. Not great, but not bad.  I am not sure if I will read any of the future books in this series.  I think it will depend on where I am in other books when the next one comes out.


I am also reading Lover Eternal by JR Ward.  This is the second in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series.  To be honest, it is okay, but I am really just not feeling it.  I can’t quite see why I am supposed to care about these characters, what the overall “big bad” that ties these books together and why I should care.  It is disappointing, as I really enjoyed the first book.  I am going to finish this one, then we shall see where I go next.


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