Posted by: Genny Colby | January 13, 2014

Help Make a Wish Come True…

I don’t normally share a lot of “pass this one” kind of stuff…but this is one that I hope we can all share and maybe make a wish come true.

A friend from High School is currently battling cancer, and it seems that things are not going as well as we would all like/hope/pray for her and her family.   She has one wish…to meet the singer Pink, as her lyrics have inspired her and helped her to continue to fight this fight, even when sometimes the battle seemed impossible.  Another classmate has made this video that we hope we can pass around to enough people, someone may actually reach Pink, or her manager, or someone else close to her and may help make a wish come true!  So please take a few minutes (really, its less than 5) and share, pass make a wish come true.

Thank you!


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