Posted by: Genny Colby | January 24, 2014

What I am Reading Friday…

this has been a slow week as I am making my way through Life After Life  by Kate Atkinson.  We are reading this one for our first book in our new book club…and I am glad that I have given myself time to read it.  It is not a book I can just whip through.  This book takes time and thought as Ms Atkinson weaves her story of a young girl, Ursula Todd, as you the reader see all the different strands of her life.  In one, she dies at birth.  In others, during childhood.  In yet others, adulthood.  Yet somehow these are all connected, and as Ursula begins to develop a sense of deja vu, or a sixth sense of the events to come and starts to influence the outcome of those more pivotal moments.

I am only about 220 pages into this just over 500 page book.  I am finally getting the rhythm of the story and the author’s writing style and I am really enjoying the book!  But, this is not your typical weekend read.  This is book that makes you think, pay attention, and you really become invested in the character and those in her life.  It makes you wonder “what would have happened if…” as we realizes how life is really just one big game of chance.  Roll the dice, see what happens, and what new adventures unfold.

I just really need to find a good chunk of time without interruption to just lose myself in this book.  And I can’t wait until I can…

What are you reading this weekend?


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