Posted by: Genny Colby | February 17, 2014

Why is this still an issue?

So this past week actress Ellen Page came out as gay.  An NFL hopeful, Michael Sam announced he was gay.  I applaud them both for having the desire to be open and honest with the public about who they are in their private lives.  Certainly they did not owe any of us to make such an announcement,  Nor should they need to feel the need to hide who they are from the world.  I love that by making public statements they are continuing to show that ones sexuality does not define who they are, what they can do, the roles they can play or their ability to be a part of a team.  That they are showing the world that being gay is just one more aspect of who someone is, rather than their defining attribute.

But here is my issue…why is this still necessary?  Why is this still news?  When we will get to the point in our society where someone’s sexuality is a non-issue?  Who has to come out and say “My name is Bob and I’m a heterosexual”.  Why do we still feel the need to decide someone’s worth based on his sexuality rather than his character?

The fear of a gay man checking out guys in the men’s locker room…really, you don’t think guys check each other out in general, regardless of sexuality?  Same goes for the women’s locker room.  Honestly, should we not be flattered that someone wanted to look at our fat butts instead of running away in terror?  The chances are, that is the most that will happen…if even that happens (because really, in the locker room most people just want to get in and out and avoid eye contact with anyone else as much as possible).

Worried someone may try to hit on you?  Well, wouldn’t that be nice…to have someone find you attractive enough and then be brave enough to even approach you!  You can always say, “thank you, but I’m married/in relationship/not interested”.

Worried someone is going to make your kid gay?  Seriously?  We don’t have enough to worry about with our kids we have to add something like this?  Should we be worried someone is going to make our kids heterosexual?

I will say again…what does anyone else do in their bedroom have to do what I do in mine?  Okay, you don’t want to see people making out in public…I have to admit that I would prefer not to see anything  in-depth either, regardless of the gender of the participants!  Some things are left better to the privacy of your home/car/office supply closet.

It’s funny, as we have been watching the Olympics this past week, we have been talking with our daughter about Russia, and some of the comments being made about Russia’s anti-gay legislation and she gets it.  She has said “Well, I don’t want to live there mommy.  I want to be able to marry who ever I want to and they wouldn’t let me.”  So maybe there is hope one day that one’s sexuality will not matter…it will only matter that we all find someone to love and who loves us in return.  Then maybe we can start to focus on issues that really matter…like hunger, abuse, and neglect.  And making chocolate not only tasty, but calorie free.


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