Posted by: Genny Colby | May 2, 2014

What I am Reading Friday…

After a lengthy pause…during which I read quite a few books…I am hoping back on the wagon with my blog!  Instead of going through every book that I have been reading this past few weeks, let’s just pick up where we are right now.

I am now working my way through Season 8 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer via graphic novels.  Oh how I love Buffy and the Scooby Gang!  It is a very different type of story, since it is in graphic novel, not a format I typically read.  But also because it all happens after the destruction of Sunnyvale and the spell Buffy had Willow cast to allow all potential slayers to have their powers, be slayers.  Of course, many come together to train, learn, fight the good fight with Buffy and company.  Some are working with others who may have less than altruistic agendas, and of course, the big bad(s) are just all coming out of the woodwork!  Giles is working to restore the Watchers’s Council.  And Buffy, she is just trying to figure out how to lead them all…even if all she wanted was a bit of a normal life.  All our faves are back, but all are in very different degrees of acceptance of this new way of life.  Over all I really enjoy the story, the art work and the format.   It is a bit tough at points to hear the voices of those I loved so much on TV come through on the printed page, but as the books go on I am finding that they are finding that groove more and more.    If I can’t have Buffy on TV, at least I can have it in print…and not some cheesey novel that was written in the “Buffy verse” but real Buffy stories written/approved by Joss Whedon and those that held Buffy so dear for so long.  Thanks to my awesome hubby for this amazing collection to keep my Buffy obsession happy and fed!

I am also going to start the latest Mary Higgins Clark, I’ve Got You Under My Skin.  This is one of those easy, just for fun, not a lot of thought or pressure kind of books that are wonderful for sitting outside under the shade while the kids run around playing, enjoying the spring afternoon.  Just what I am in the mood for as spring fever is hitting and hitting hard these days!

I am also happy to say I am currently 4 books ahead of my goal of 65 books for the year.  I am optimistic I can keep that up and maybe even go above my goal this year.  And since I don’t include all the books I read with my kids…that’s not too shabby for a busy, full-time, stay at home, homeschooling momma!

Happy reading!

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